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Finding the Right Balance for Proper Skin Care with 3 Essential Products

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The summer is filled full of happiness and joyful experiences, but your skin can feel sad and depressed if not properly cared for during these warm months. Your skin needs the right balance of products and care during the summertime in order to feel the brilliant way you do on the inside – below we offer a framework to achieve that.

Hydrating Facial Spray

A facial spray that offers hydrating effects to your skin in the summer can be used daily or when needed to give it a lift. We have a collection of high-end facial sprays that contain essential ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for skin of the oily variety, and vitamin C that fosters the growth of collagen production and provides an antioxidant. If you are a person who's highly active and out and about a lot during the summer, then be sure to add a facial spray to your routine to gain hydration for your skin after hours of direct exposure to the sun.

Go Organic With Serums

Serums are often neglected when it comes to skin care treatments but they certainly shouldn't be, and they can be used in combination with each other to ensure you get the results you want. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient to look for in a quality serum, and you will find it as a common ingredient in our Derma Roller System Skin Care products. By utilizing this powerful ingredient for your skin, it will help to re-hydrate your skin after it has been dried out from the sun and wind, and even if your skin is oily it won't add another layer to it as it's oil free.

Find the Right Combination

Experiment to find a healthy balance between facial sprays and serums so that your skin looks beautiful and vibrant. Sprays are handy to have around so that your skin can be quickly healed on demand when needed. Your skin will deeply suck up serums to heal itself from the bottom to the top by leveraging the essential vitamins and peptides it demands. We have a superb lineup of products that are eager to do wonders for your skin starting this summer, and all will easily fit within your active routine.


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