How Does Micro-Needling Work, and What are the Benefits?

When it comes to anti-ageing treatments and solutions, most of them are wildly overpriced and price many people out of buying them. The top-level treatments such as thermage, acid peels and laser treatments can be a real drain on savings and not always show the best results.

What if there was something out there which could both stimulate the change you are looking for in your skin, and what if we told you that you could do it from home, without having to visit a clinic?

Well, keep reading! There is a solution known as micro-needling which you may have heard about and, unlike many anti-ageing fads, it is a real solution which works and has been trusted for almost two decades.


How it Works

Micro-needling, also known as derma-rolling, is a home-based treatment which can be administered by yourself. Derma-rolling gets its name from the tool used to carry out the treatment – the derma-roller’ which looks like a small paint roller which is covered with tiny, harmless needles.

These needles do not cause any pain or discomfort at all, so don’t fret; micro-needling is a treatment which has been trusted since the onset of the 21st century and works much in the same way as laser treatments.

When the derma-roller is applied to the skin, it does two things 

  1. It enables skincare products to penetrate the skin as the derma-roller’s needles create tiny channels through which it can travel; and
  2. It creates ‘micro-injuries’ which triggers an immune-response, forcing more collagen to be formed at the site of the injury.

Collagen is a building block of healthy, younger looking skin and this is exactly how micro-needling works – by promoting collagen formation.


The Benefits

Derma-rolling can work wonders for your skin, working to cure acne, sun spots, wrinkles and more. Whilst there is some truth to the benefits of micro-needling, the effectiveness heavily depends on the size of the needles which you use.

The needles you will find on most home-use derma-rollers are between 0.2 and 2.5mm, helping to even out skin texture and pigmentation. The increase in collagen after using the derma-roller prevents aging and helps even skin out.


Learn how the Derma Roller works and more benefits by clicking here.



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