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How To Properly Use A Derma Roller

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Learning to use a Derma Roller is very easy to do. Although it is a very simple product which does not require any specialist knowledge or specific use, there are some guidelines you should follow in regard to safety and hygiene. This will both allow you to get the best results possible and stay safe whilst using it. 

Things to Consider

  • Do not share your Derma Roller with another person
  • Do not use it on skin which is irritated, infected or has eczema, zits or moles
  • When using the Derma Roller around the eyes, take extra caution; do not use the Derma Roller higher than your cheekbones and do not use it on your eyelids
  • Do not use the Derma Roller over areas of the skin where there are active infections, as this could cause cross-contamination with other people 

How to Use the Dermaroller

Using the Derma Roller is a simple six-step process. Make sure you follow these steps closely for the best and safest results possible –

  1. Wash the skin where you are going to be using your Derma Roller and your hands extra-thoroughly. If you have antibacterial gel, that works too.
  2. If you are using any sort of lotion or numbing cream along with the Derma Roller, apply it to your skin as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Rinse your Derma Roller under very hot running water for around ten seconds. This will help the needles penetrate the skin.
  4. Pull on your skin’s taut with your free hand and, with your other hand, roll the Derma Roller forwards and backwards across the area you are treating. Apply some pressure to allow the needles to penetrate into the skin. Go backwards and forward across the same patch around ten times in all directions: vertically; horizontally; and diagonally. After each roll, lift up the Derma Roller slightly to allow new micro-channels to be created by the needles.
  5. After treating your skin with the Derma Roller, wash thoroughly and pat-dry with a clean, soft towel or allow to air dry.
  6. If you are using any skincare products, apply them now. 

After Treatment

Immediately after using the Derma Roller, you may notice some bleeding – this is nothing to worry about and it is perfectly normal. The bleeding should stop fairly quickly and will likely wash away and not be a problem after you have cleaned your skin.

Your skin will look red immediately after the treatment. Again, this is normal and will fade after a couple of hours. You should wait around six hours before you apply any cosmetics or perfumes to the treated area as this could cause severe irritation, and exposure to direct sunlight within 24 hours could cause sunburn.

Maintaining the Dermaroller

After use, you should always ensure that the Derma Roller is cleaned and ran under hot running water. If you have any blood or skin on the Derma Roller, soak it in hot water with some simple cleaning product such as washing up liquid.

You can use rubbing or disinfecting alcohol on your Derma Roller to properly disinfect it. To do this, place the Derma Roller in a bowl or tub and fill with the alcohol until it submerges the needles and leave for around 20 – 30 minutes. After you have finished sterilizing the Derma Roller, place it on a clean towel (or paper towels; these are better as they do not carry bacteria) and leave it until it is dry. Alcohol does not take long to evaporate, and it will dry very quickly.

Avoid letting the Derma Roller’s needles come into contact with solid surfaces as this can blunt the needles. You will need to replace your der Derma Roller maroller every so often as blunting of the needles is inevitable; you will know when this is the case as you will no longer be able to penetrate your skin easily.

How Often Should I Use My Dermaroller?

This depends on the length of the Derma Roller’s needles. As a general guide, the following is recommended:

  • 5mm:4-5 times a week
  • 0mm:Once every 3-4 weeks
  • 5mm:Once every 4-5 weeks
  • 0mm:Once every 4-5 weeks
  • 5mm:Once every 4-5 weeks

Using your Derma Roller too frequently does not give you better results. In fact, using it too frequently can have the opposite effect and cause damage to your skin. Your skin needs to take its time and recover from the inflammation skin needling causes. 

If you use the Derma Roller too often, it will break down collagen in your skin before it has had a chance to form properly. Collagen production is a slow process which takes several months of needling before any substantive results are seen. With skin needling, patience is a virtue; results will come over time and your skin will continue to benefit from needling for months after your final treatment.


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