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The Truth About Microneedling

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The skin which surrounds all other underlying structures performs a myriad of functions. From its sensory role to its proactive protective function, the list is exhaustive. But aging and external factors tend to jeopardize this vital part of your body. Microneedling has been proven to help restore the appearance of the skin.

This treatment approach works on a deceptive principle to get your body to do the needful. A derma roller, the major tool used in microneedling, punctures the skin in several places. Regardless of the activity of this device, the skin doesn’t suffer any grievous harm. Yet your body erroneously concludes that the skin has been badly damaged.     

With such perception by your body, it produces the biochemical compounds, including collagen, needed to repair what’s damaged. Since the micropunctures are not really injuries, the substances released by your body are used in improving the condition of the skin. The result is a glowing appearance.

It’s synonymous with what’s obtained in vaccine technology though with a different goal. Microneedling has given most patients their ideal skin without them having to go through a typical cosmetic procedure. The outcome of a dermarolling treatment helps restores your self-confidence. 

Treatment Roadmap

To carry out skin-needling, a device must be used to make the needle punctures. This device could either be a derma roller or a dermapen. How the openings are made could influence the efficacy of the procedure. To create the punctures, the derma roller or dermapen is held at a right angle to the skin surface. Any deviation from this angle, and the goal of this procedure could be defeated.

When the tiny punctures have been made, products can be applied to boost the body’s ability to produce the collagen and elastin fibers. You should begin to see changes within weeks of the procedure. But the best thing about microneedling is the continuous production of collagen for as long as 12 months. Apparently, you don’t have to continuously repeat the procedure to get results. 

Does Collagen Induction Therapy Work Well With Other Treatment Regimen?

Yes, the outcome of a CIT procedure can be enhanced when combined with substances which can positively influence the production of collagen. Platelet-rich plasma and artificially synthesized growth factors can be applied to the skin surface. This is rapidly becoming an accepted practice since these compounds enter into the skin through the miniature punctures created by the derma roller. 

Does Microneedling have a Downtime Period?

As previously reiterated, skin-needling is not your typical surgical operation. Your body won’t have to endure incisions and multiple cuts which are relatively commonplace in surgical procedures. Frankly, many professionals don’t place dermarolling in the same category as other invasive procedures.

Microneedling is ‘less bloody’ compared to other surgical operations. Yet this doesn’t mean you can have the procedure today and show up at work on the same day. It has a downtime which might be shorter than most plastic surgical procedures, but it exists all the same. The nature of your skin and the overall success of the procedure can determine how quickly you can get to work without complications.


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