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3 Ways To Keep Acne Under Control

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It's almost that time again - the summer is quickly winding down and the school bells are soon to be ringing and welcoming students in for another school year. When you think about school you think about the stress of homework, studying for tests and exams, and maybe even conflict between you and other students and possibly teachers too. School undoubtedly carries lots of stress and it takes its toll on students, and for some, it leaves its visual marks in the form of acne. There are measures that can be taken though to get stress acne under control, and we outline three ways below. 

Protect Your Skin Against the Natural Elements

Numerous sunscreens and other skin products have many toxic chemicals in them, and while taking measures to protect your skin from UV rays and other harmful outdoor elements is wise, you need to use more natural products. Healing and repairing your skin from sun damage is best done through a natural means, and hyaluronic acid serum is great to lean on for that reason and for helping to prevent breakouts from popping up. 

Cleanse to Remove Impurities

During the school year, you are sure to be busy on a daily basis, even on weekends when you're supposed to have downtime to relax a bit. Don't let your hectic life get in the way of throwing off your daily skin cleansing routine. Select a cleanser that is gentle and plays nice with your complexion – ones that are natural are ideal to maintain nutrients within your skin while removing impurities that can trigger breakouts. 

Your Skin Craves Moisture

When stress is at its worst is when your skin needs hydration to fend off excess oil production and acne from surfacing. When your skin gets the moisturizing it needs to not have to produce any on its own you are rewarded with a healthy looking complexion. A healthy balance of high-quality moisturizers, oils, and serums go a long way towards keeping your facial skin looking clean and clear, no matter how many big exams you have on the short-term horizon.


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