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The Cause of Wrinkles and Ways of Avoiding Them

Wrinkles come with the natural process of aging. There is no age limit for the first appearance of wrinkles. Some may experience them later in life, while some may have them while still young. Do you know what is the primary cause of wrinkles? By understanding how wrinkles appear, you will be able to prevent their appearance.


As you get older, the skin is no longer able to keep the good shape. It will lose the elasticity and smooth appearance, which contributes to the first appearance of wrinkles. Another significant factor is the exposure to the harmful UV rays. You can always use anti-aging creams to minimize the wrinkles, but don’t forget to include sunscreen in your routine as well.

Smoking is another bad habit that will make your skin look older. Nicotine will shrink the blood vessels in the skin, so the blood will not be able to reach it. As a result, the skin won’t have enough vitamin A and oxygen. The tissue will no longer be able to keep the elasticity, so the wrinkles will begin to appear.


A good anti-wrinkle serum will help you a lot, but you also need to make certain changes in your current lifestyle. Use sunscreen before you go out and  increase the consumption of vitamin-rich foods. We recommend the following vitamins that will do wonders for your skin:

Vitamin A

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

Giving up smoking is another change that will bring you a step closer to a younger looking skin. Keep in mind that you should avoid your favorite soda drinks, and drink plenty of water. This will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Genetics takes a significant part if the appearance of wrinkles. When this is the case, you can’t prevent it. But, you can always improve your skin with the best treatments from Derma Roller System.


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