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5 Solutions to All Your Summer Skin Problems

The summer can bring with it a lot of skin problems including irritation and skin burns which can get pretty intense if you don’t take care of yourself. Here are 5 common summer problems with their solutions:


Getting sunburns is one of the most common problems for any skin type. When you’re out in the sun, even things like makeup and simply touching your face can really irritate your skin. Apply things that have cooling effects on the skin like aloe vera and yogurt to soothe your skin. Try keeping your skin cool and take frequent showers. Use a sunblock with high SPF and reapply during the day.

Dry skin

For people with dry skin, the summer heat can actually intensify skin dryness and make your skin scaly and flaky. The major solution for this is to keep your body hydrated as much as you possibly can. Use gel-based moisturizers that penetrate the skin and hydrate it. The basic solution for dry skin is prevention. Make sure to use hydrating sunblocks and long-lasting moisturizers.


People with acne-prone skin are more likely to get breakouts during the summer because of all the sweat, clogged pores and heat. Use products that aren’t oily or greasy and keep your skin clean and oil-free.

Dark Spots

We all know how intense the sun can get during the day in summer, and being exposed to it all at the beach or the pool brings a lot of extra problems for the skin, one of which is dark spits. Use a strong sunblock and a vitamin C cream like the DermaC+ anti-aging serum to avoid dark spots and all other harmful effects of the sun.

Razor Burn

With all the fun activities of the summer, a change in wardrobe is required. And all those summer clothes are super high maintenance and require frequent shaving. With all the shaving that’s going on, you’re bound to get a few razor burns. Apply cold compresses or aloe vera to get relief from irritation. For prevention, exfoliate your skin before and after shaving and use a strong body lotion after shaving for smooth skin.


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