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I use Derma Roller System on my face and chest and neck

I've notice my skin is tighter and brighter, It helps smooth skin, and wrinkles are less noticeable. I have a specific deep wrinkle that really looks like a scar. It's hardly noticeable now! My daughter hadn't seen me in 3 months and asked me if I had gotten botox and filler - and I had only been using the device for 6-8weeks at that time. To me, this has certainly been worth the money. This isn't magic but is part of my routine combined with lotions for my face, neck and chest. The outcome is that I love how I look.

I received this derma roller from a friend of mine

I had previously been using another brand for a long time and and in my experience this derma roller is by far the best! The needle is really fine as the description points out. Many other derma rollers are not as fine, so feel too blunt when rolling it on my skin even though they are sold as micro needles. After rolling I like to moisture with cream and I can feel the cream absorbing into my skin really well! I highly recommend this brand!

Cant believe the derma roller system really works!

The long wait paid off....cannot complain because the price is very reasonable compared with other brands. Package and quality does not look cheap. Although I have not tried expensive brands, I tried and this one works perfectly for my skin.

This is a very well made roller, and comes in a hard case to keep it from crushing in my makeup bag.

I've been using it 2 times a month for almost 3 months, & along with dermacell collagen cream, I can already see a difference in the texture of my skin, along with a brightening. Highly recommended. Sellers are very responsive.

Derma Roller System®
Chloe Stonehaven
Great for acne as an included bonus

Works great as advertised , the derma roller has really transformed my wife's skin and help a lot with her acne issues. Love the included argan oil which is great for a pre-moisturizer and really brings a glow to the face.

Works Great!

I wanted a good quality dermaroller and some were expensive and bought a $200 one that worked really well but wanted to find an alternative when I saw the reviews here, decided to buy it, and it works! I used it for discolouration acne scars(cause I tend to pop my pimples and the scar turns all brown/black, yes I know I'm not suppose to do that). And then I use a vitamin c serum with a few other essential oils and my skin has been looking more plumper and the scars are clearing up. It takes a while to see results but worth it(a couple of weeks or a month to see big change )

Derma Roller System®
Beltane Nadeau
Lightweight and rolls easily

This is a must have product!!! I added it to my facial routine and it has helped reduce my pores and oily skin allowed my exfoliators and moisturizers deeply penetrate my skin. Soft and smooth summer skin its amazing!

Much better quality compared to one I previously purchased

I'm so happy with this derma roller! I have been searching and searching for one that doesn't feel like it's setting my face on fire! And look! It's here! This thing is PERFECT! My face feels softer and smoother after the first session! I've used it for just over a month and can already see and feel the difference. The roller has it's own protective casing and is packaged in a protective seal. This product is everything is claims and MORE! So glad I finally found one that works so well! My skin thank you! I thank you!

I almost bought the Roden + Fields roller for over ...

I almost bought the Roden + Fields roller for over $200! It did come with a cream but after paying $89 for this roller {which is VERY similar to the R+F roller} I can buy a cream & save money :) I'm 45 & I notice a difference when I use it nightly with the cream.

Love it

Been using my Derma Roller System for 3 weeks and I can clearly see the results. I recommend taking before and after pictures.

Excellent product

This is an inexpensive tool to enhance the application of skin products. It comes with no instructions but watching a You-Tube will explain its use. I feel that my face/skin look better the day after use. I use it three times/week.

The roller itself is great quality. I'll definitely be referring this to my ...

Gotta say the instruction book was very well done and rich with info. Wouldn't have really known what I was doing otherwise. The roller itself is great quality. I'll definitely be referring this to my friends.

I really like this!

I will update my review once I use this for about 2-3 months. I have really bad acne scars, so I'm hoping this will do the trick. So far, it makes my skin feel smoother. I've noticed scars slightly fading.

Great for skin care

I love it, it does help you to observe the product you about to use on your face. This opens your pore and gives the product space to enter into your skin. Love it!

Derma Roller System®
Arnaud Reault
I love it

I noticed my scar on my cheek has been slightly fading from using this. It's only slightly uncomfortable to use. It makes my skin look smooth and fresh the next day after using!

Excellent Surprise

This is a great product, does what it says, cheaper then the so called "Top shelf"' brands and for me works better then the others. I gave this excellent rating because product quality, priceing and speedy delivery. I can usually squeeze 2 to 3 days out of one application, with some minor touch up. One other thing, it performs well in conditions where you sweat alot and also does well in wind, although the wind can dishevel, your hair and if it cakes underneath you may be detected, wear a hood when windy just in case, even though people around you will more then likely not, notice, I don't know if I would risk swimming with it on, I never tried that yet, I did notice one time I forgot to put shampoo in my hair and got out of shower and it was still in there!

Just love derma roller system products

Ive been using this for 4 months now. Seeing skin/wrinkles smoothening out. Very impressed with the results and I am so happy that I found it and ordered it

I love this skin needling roller.

I think I should have gotten a little longer of a needle point, but it is not too painful and I can use it with ease. I use it about 3 times a week. dramatic results yet but I feel like my skin has a better glow.

Great roller+ serum

Ok let me start by saying the seller shipped this item to me in lighting speed and very well packaged . Now I have using this vitamin c serum with the derma roller and it works great. You can not go wrong with this serum it has great ingredients which is what you need in a great serum.

Love this derma roller

Love this definitely helps the cream and serum absorb into your skin and to stimulate elastin and collagen production in order to repair it. Helps with wrinkles and scars. Must take care to clean with alcohol and also make sure your skin is clean before using it. There are good instructions included or you tube can also help.

If you use it as instructed it works...

Great product. Best results....better than an spa. you need to be consistent to get better results. thanks to my friend who recommend me this product.

First time dermaroller user! Big fan!

Ordered the derma roller system after reading loads of reviews on several brands and also by comparing the needle sizes and matching them with my needs. (different sizes have different utility so be sure what you order)Packaging was good, the product feels good to hold, sturdy and well designed. The rollers roll smoothly (no issues with them getting stuck as I read in a few brands) The needles are even sized (no needle longer than others leading to any issue; again, I had read some such reports on a few other brands)The needles are made from medical grade stainless steel which is supposedly better than Titanium, that is good to know. Also, both the rollers were packed in a seemingly-sterile package and I would recommend cleaning them by dipping in rubbing alcohol (the plastic cases for dermarollers could easily be used for this purpose)I have used it on my face and it is working well to smoothen the wrinkles on my forehead and reduce my eye buffers. I love it. I recommended to all women to give it a try.

Derma Roller System®
Layla Stanfield
Love my derma roller system

I have used this cream for about a month now. I use it with the derma roller. I have noticed dramatic changes in my skin which now feels a little firmer and even toned.

Complete Derma Roller System®
Maria Grazia Beneventi
Came on time. Nicely packaged and the roller was sealed safely inside.

This micro needle helps skin fully absorb the products applied on your face. I would micro needle at night, apply my favourite serum or moisturizer after and the next day my skin is soft & radiant. Easy to use and feels great on my skin. This product really works!

It works!

I had to wait a little bit before reviewing this item because my skin was still sensitive/flaking from my monthly acid peeling treatment; I just couldnt use it on the concerned areas yet. So I started the procedure today...First of all, I initially purchased this roller to improve my acne scars and help my thick skin in absorbing the different serums I use. In my case, micro-needling has always been an excellent alternative for my deeply scarred skin. I recommend it to everyone that has a problematic skin and really suggest to do some research on the subject before:Type of roller, needles length, how to clean skin/device, and the kind of serums to use in combination with it depending on your skin type/issue.The item totally fits the description. I've used a 'DermaRoller' before which was twice the price of this roller: I've had the same exact results with both! In fact, the one I've bought for more than 40$ seemed less solid and the needles didn't feel as sharp as on this one. I really appreciate the little storage case that comes with it too!So if you are looking for an affordable/good quality micro-needling roller, this item is top notch & good to go!