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I purchased this Derma Roller a littler over a month ago and I absolutely love it!!

It is super simple to use. I use it once to twice a week along with dermacell moisturizer and perfectderm collagen masks. I have seen an improvement to my skin in the terms of how soft and clear it is. I have deep forehead wrinkles and this has definitely helped in the appearance of them. I hope as I continue this routine, they will diminish even more. I highly recommend this derma roller for anyone interested in trying on out! The only improvement I can see would maybe be to include a small spray bottle to put rubbing alcohol in for easy cleaning. Otherwise a great product!!

I've been using it for 2 months and I am noticing some positive changes.

I see a difference in my skin. Pores seem smaller. Product is good quality in a good case.

Immediate glow

I have only been using the product for one week. However, from the first day I was struck by the cream's remarkable absorption. In my experience, facial creams seem to simply rest on my face, never feeling as if they are penetrating, truly hydrating the skin. In contrast, for me, this cream has been a pleasant surprise, it is light in texture, has a pleasant smell, and is really lovely. I do not wear makeup, I use this cream as my daily moisturizer each morning. Keeping in mind it has only been one week, and that I am not personally expecting any cream to reverse the natural aging process, in effect, after using this particular brand, I have noticed that my face feels more hydrated than any cream has been able to accomplish, and a bit more taut. I have begun to notice a bit of tightening when I smile, or frown etc.. For me, I am glad I found this product, and I will continue to order it.

Wife loves it.

Got this for my wife a little while back. She was using a lot of moisturizing and other products for her skin and wasn't getting the results she was looking for. She saw this and talked to me about getting it and for the price i could'nt say no. After only a couple weeks she was much happier with the results, spending a lot on products does not do a lot of good if you don't know how to prep first. Definetly recommend.

Great product for the price!

This is the best derma roller I've used. High quality device, rolls easily over your face and after only one use I felt like I had a day spa facial.

Derma Roller System®
Nicolette Lépicier
I am very happy with my anti aging derma roller system

I was surprised at how easy this was to use, and how painless the procedure was. It's only been a week since I've used it, so I'm not sure what my results will be, but I am hopeful.

Derma Roller System®
Alannah Sanger
She's really happy with it

This is a very cool product. It can be somewhat of an annoying pain, as you're talking about dozens of needles puncturing the skin at the same time, but the results are undeniable. You can decide how much pressure you can handle when applying this roller to your face. I use rose hip oil on my face after doing the rolling procedure. It's pretty interesting product. I would recommend it, but it does have mild discomfort to it. Make sure prior to using the roller for the first time, that you thoroughly sanitize the roller, and do the same after you use it on your face, to prevent the transferring of bacteria.

Quick result in a week under eyes

This is the first time I have tried a derma roller. I have only used it once so far but have noticed an improvement in my under eye area already. Love it! Can't wait to see what results future treatments will have! I was worried it would be too painful but it is tolerable.

Good quality dermaroller

This is the real, micro needle roller. I have purchased 3 other's and sent them back because they were discs instead of needles. I just cleaned and used this and WOW, it's amazing! I'm glad I kept looking because now I know which to buy for replacements. It does mini pins/and does not drag or cause line demarcations on the skin. I am finally impressed by the all the hype. This roller is actually as shown on the package!

Very small needles says on the box basically this size is good

First dermaroller for me. very small needles says on the box basically this size is good for cell regeneration and e.. other issues like wrinkles and scars its recommended to go with diff size needles.. but for my first roller it worked awesome with a good cream and to get used to this technique..

I like it

I got the derma roller and I've been using it for more than 10 times. My wrinkles are reduced.

I love it

I have used this twice with a collagen cream and am seeing amazing results. I looove this roller, it works exactly as it describes.

Great product!

I worked for many years in a dermatologist's office. During that time I observed and implemented numerous skin care regimens. The derma roller system has been one of my favorite additions to my skin care routine. I'm in my thirties, but I think my skin looks 18!

I am very happy with my derma roller

This product is great quality and arrives in a sealed pouch. I also really like the case that comes with the derma roller to store in. I have only used 2 times, but I can definitely tell this helps the collagen cream penetrate deeper into my skin. I've been using my derma roller for 4 months now and I can tell that my skin is much softer and smoother than when I first started.

Exactly as expected.

Thank you, for such a great product

Very pleased.

This derma roller is perfect for helping my skin soak up the serums. I highly recommend this product if you are just starting out, it is uncomfortable at first but you get used to the feeling once you start seeing results. I actually look forward to using it!

I love the feel and quality of this product.

I am an Esthetician and have used many products. I love this one because with the right amount of pressure it does the necessary penetration that allows for amazing product delivery with no pain

Awesome roller!

I love this product. Started to see results within 2 weeks. Smoother, firmer, brighter skin; evened out tones, reduced and eliminated redness in acne areas. I started to see best results when I would perform the procedure at night, this way I avoid applying makeup soon after and let the serum do its thing. Micro needles on the roller feel like a great size; you can feel the massaging motion rather than a poking feeling.

Derma Roller System®
Shannon Barker
Used it once and have seen noticeable improvements in my skin.

It has done wonders for het lines and wrinkles. Generally more tone to the skin. More youthful appearance after only about 6 weeks of use.

After ONE month of using ...

After ONE month of using weekly, along with a .5mm daily, I am seeing already about a 1/3 of hair re-growth, it's honestly unbelievable how much this makes a difference!

Happy with derma roller system purchase

Because the cream and serum soak in soo quickly, I thought it would not work.. however it worked extremely well and I use it regularly as my preferred serum and cream after every treatment with my derma roller,.. Very good and so is the price.


Great packaging. Fast delivery. Love it!

For the first couple of times that I have used it I have really seen a difference in my skin.

My face has much more of a glow to it, im seeing dark spots fade much faster & just the overall brightness in my skin. It's much healthier. The only downside about the product is that looking through a magnifying glass I noticed a few bent needles, so I had to stop using it.

Derma Roller System®
Carolyn Soluri
Great price point so I'll definitely be ordering more sizes in the future!

I placed an order between 8-9 pm and received my derma roller (along with my other items) by around 1 pm the following day. SO FAST! The derma roller system Derma Roller is awesome albeit I don't have much experience with other brands. None of the needles were bent or missing, it isn't squeaky but sturdy, it comes with a case and instructions for use, it's CE approved, etc. I love it!

Derma Roller System®
Matilde Pirozzi
feels amazing

Just as described. The flat piece is larger than expected but no complaints with the product. I enjoy using this after leaving it in the fridge so that it's cold (helps minimize pores, puffiness & feels soothing). Happy with this product.