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Great roller! But first educate!!

Exactly as described! Would recommend not rolling too hard on face as only a slight pressure is needed. Would definitely recommend!

Very excellent quality at such an amazing price point

I have used my derma roller weekly for the past 3 weeks. Lip lines are becoming more shallow. The lines between my brow are also less noticeable. I see more progress every week.

Update to my previous review

UPDATE: It's a great product! I highly recommend this product. It has been about 2 months since I purchased it and I use it every 15 days. I see the overall appearance of my skin refreshed. You can see results like in 2 days after treatment, it's like a boost of youthfulness. I will do it every week now that I see that my skin can take it. I also use it in some scars in my body from an old surgery and I see that the colour is looking better but I guess I need to wait for a few months to see a bigger improvement.

Works beautifully as advertised...

Excited to see results after using it.... already see a difference in my skin after using it just once! Thankyou also for fast shipping.

Awesome item! Will buy again.

I am obsessed with dermarollers, this is the 3rd brand I have tried and am very pleased with the quality & results. This is a must use product if you are experiencing sun spots, fine lines & mens hair loss (our top 3 most visible changes) worth every penny

Awesome item! Will buy again.

I am obsessed with dermarollers, this is the 3rd brand I have tried and am very pleased with the quality & results. This is a must use product if you are experiencing sun spots, fine lines & mens hair loss (our top 3 most visible changes) worth every penny

Like this roller

I've never had a product that gave me such noticeable results in One Use! Wow I have never seen my skin awaken & my pores shrink with one unit! This Derma Roller is the staying in my beauty arsenal!

Amazing!I have used it for few months now

Received my product and have tried it twice. It definitely works, and I saw a change in my skin tone after a few days. I have to use it a few more times to really evaluate the results, but so far, I'm very happy. Also, the company is amazing and answered all my questions via email.

Diminishing burn scars

Great product and serum. Easy to use. Company sent instructions on how to use and treat your skin. Very helpful. I have done it twice now and can't wait to see the results a month from now.

Good Product for the Price

Very good quality. keeps the skin looking healthy, I recommend it to a my friends, I am so happy with it

Does the trick

The derma roller takes a bit of patience to measurably improve your skin, but I'm thrilled that it's painless and easy to use and I'm trying to be patient and follow a practical schedule.

Highly recommended

Haven't seen the benefits yet as its only been 2 weeks but continue to use on a daily basis, you cannot go wrong with dermarolling. I use the dermaroller in 0.5mm every other night and apply my own skin care products on before I go to bed.

! Need to TRY this..

I'm 58 years old. I had lost the luster and glow in my skin. My jaw line had started to drop and around my e were crow feet also my eye lids had started to sag. I've been using this for a month. already seen a different in my over all skin tone, a lift to my jaw and eye area.

Derma Roller System®
Imogen Pugliese
Love this product!

I bought it for my mom, and she used derma rollers before. With this, even using it just once a month she saw some amazing results. She was able to treat different areas on her body by using different needle sizes. The introduction was easy to use and I might buy another one for a friend as a valentines day present :)I wish I found this product before, it truly is a blessing.

Derma Roller System®
Samantha Barber
Good product. Fast delivery

Delivered quickly and product looks great!

I love this product and will order again

love it. the cream and serum don't go on greasy and absorbs quickly, especially after treatments with the derma roller. great product. lasts a while too!

Easy to use without paying huge spa

Seeing a big difference just after 2 uses. Happy with product, and price is very reasonable, it was worth a try.

Serum and roller are a great combo together

Feels great and I'm feeling the difference in my skin.

It really works!

I was a little apprehensive when I bought this. I've never done anything like this at home. But wow! It's fantastic and the results are seen so quickly. I don't have terrible skin but I do have somewhat large pores and the occasional breakout (usually hormonal) which sometimes leads to discoloration. I used this followed by the Collagen Cream that was recommended and wow!!! My skin felt softer immediately, my pores look smaller and the discoloration drastically reduces after the very first week! I am so impressed and excited to use it again next week! I'm following the recommended once a week to start but will probably work my way up to several. It doesn't hurt per day but it stings just a little after. I'd compare it to a mild sunburn. But it subsides within a day. I didn't have any redness or anything else, just mild stinging. I'd highly recommend this. The price was good and more importantly, it works!

Very good quality micro needle roller

Good massage for the skin, keep the skin look healthy. I recommended it to all my friends. I am so happy with it.

Compact, well constructed, and easy to use.

Fast shipping! Great product! Can't wait to see the results of using it.

Hi. I just received my derma roller order today ...

If you're new to derma rolling this is the perfect beginner tool.


Good product ive notices a significant change in my skin and lips!

Love this product. Visible results within two weeks.

I really didn't expect anything great from this product, but my mom bought it for Christmas for my sister and I. I can tell a it is doing something because I stopped using my Murad line eraser. I think it's worth a try. I can see more of a change than when I had it done at the spa once a month.

Derma Roller System®
Socorro Landry
Nice product!

A lovely product. Initially, due to a postage mix up, it was delayed, but just received the products and it was very high quality! I ordered both the 1.5 and the 1.0. I have used the 1.0 just once, and it was nice (though of course a little painful!) Looking forward to using the 1.5 when I can work up the nerve.