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It works!

This roller is exactly the same as one I paid much more for. Recommended!

I like this set

For me, it is very important that it is fragrance free, otherwise I would be facing allergies. My skin definitely feels better and more exfoliated the next day and I have been noticing my wrinkles start to fade over time

I can see a significant improvement

The derma roller system works great... I have been using it for a week and have seen great results on my skin. So far my skin has looked smoother and tighter and has worked a lot better then my other night creams.

Derma Roller System®
Antonia Calabresi
Very impressed with the Derma Roller System

My cream absorbs into my skin beautifully after rolling, my skin feels nice and tight following and the next day my foundation glides onto my skin. Adequate information/instructions were sent to me with my Derma Roller System.

Derma Roller System®
Ryan Morrison
Good quality Derma Roller

Have been using it for last two months (3 times), am happy with the quality. Does what it says. Giving it 4 stars as was my first dermaroller purchase and have not compared its performance with other products in the market.

Must have Facial Tool!

I have ordered derma rollers before but this one, hands down has the best design and style. The handle is a very sleek modern design with the gold trim that gives it a sort of elegant look and feel. The 0.5 mm needles are just the right size, especially if you haven't used this tool before. The roller glides easily and you control the amount of pressure you use when rolling it. I use a moisturizing cream before I use the roller and again after I'm done using it. I have noticed the next morning after using the roller, that my skin stays moisturized, looks more supple/refreshed. The fine lines near my e look like they're starting to go away. Can't wait to see the long term results.

I cant recommend this tool enough

Must buy. This product definitely works. My heels haven't felt this soft in as long as I can remember!

Amazing tool!

This tool is AMAZING! loving using this once a week worth the spending the change on this item

Visible difference can be seen quickly

I have used it for 4 weeks. It does reduce fine lines and firm around the eyes. It also brightened the skin and freckles are also lightened. I also like the natural scent of the product.

Visible difference can be seen quickly

I have used it for 4 weeks. It does reduce fine lines and firm around the eyes. It also brightened the skin and freckles are also lightened. I also like the natural scent of the product.

I'm very happy with it

Works pretty good so far noticed some scaring starting to fade, not sure if i am using correctly. But I believe it works.

Excellent product

I must admit that I was skeptical when I purchased this product, however I have used the product for almost thirty days now and I can see an incredible difference in my skin. My friends have also commented on how good my skin looks. My face seems to look more refreshed, tighter, younger, smooth, and clearer looking skin. I have know idea how this product works all I know is that it does work. It is defintely worth the money.

Loving the results after using it just 3 times.

I am quite pleased with this derma roller. I use the collagen cream included after derma rolling. Using my derma roller only 3 times, I already notice the cream absorbing into my skin more quickly and I wake up every time with a beautiful complexion. Highly recommend this tool for anyone who is looking to reduce fine lines, shrink pores, and decrease acne scars. It's a good product , I will order it again.

Happy with my derma roller

I have suffered from acne since I was 15, for the past 5 years. I went on accutane and my skin cleared completely but I was left with scars from years of picking at my face. I tried a lot of creams, home remedies, and oils to try and reduce the appearance of my scars, but nothing seemed to work. I had heard of dermarolling and researched it a little bit but was afraid since I have such sensitive skin that it would break me out or make the scars look worse. I used this product for the first time THREE DAYS ago and I already see results! The roller does not hurt or bother me when I use it on my face, it does leave a little redness at first but my skin feels plump and smooth when I wake up the next morning. I noticed that the acne scars look a lot less visible already. I feel so relieved that I found this little tool! It makes my skin so soft and look so much healthier, only after two uses!!! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get rid of acne scars. :)

Feels good!!!

I'm not sure how much lifting this will do over time, but it sure feels good and makes my skin look alive. So I'll keep using it and hope for still better effects. I bought my daughter one; she likes it.

I've been using Derma Roller System for a year now and really like it.

I try to use it almost every day and can tell if I've missed a few treatments. It's easy to use, and I like the bit of blush that it gives my skin. I get compliments when I've used it - especially on a regular schedule. Seems most effective around the eyes, mouth and jaw/chin line. No problem with device and it travels easily.

Only used it once so far

Only used it once so far, but it came in perfect condition and doesn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. Hardly a mild irritation. I will update as I continue use.

My favorite new product!

I use my derma roller with a glycol IV acid and it worked very well to infuse my skin with the product. It was easy to clean too. This will save me lots of money

I am having really good success with this tool

I am having really good success with this tool. I will wash my face in the shower and then use this tool when I get out. I mostly use it on my forehead and T-zone and then I use acne pads to pat on afterwards. If I use it every day, my results are great. I have clearer skin and lett breakouts.

It is great product, however its size was smaller than expected

Used it once and had no issues, it was not painful just slight prickle feeling. my skin feels very soft!And I used a good serum afterwards.however please do your research on Derma rolling before you start!! Educate yourself on how to use it properly and the risks involved! Clean and sterilize your face and product thoroughly to avoid infection. Also look at skin products to use in conjunction with Derma rollers and ones to avoid.

I really love this dermaroller

I ordered this product a couple of weeks ago and am delighted with it. Bought it for skin rejuvenation and preservation as I am in my late forties. Even after the first use, my skin had a lovely healthy and youthful glow the following morning and it just gets better. Just a week I am now already seeing a slight reduction in frown lines and fine lines on upper lip. Having been disappointed in the past by fabulous reviews on products that didn't do much for me in the past, I was prepared to be disappointed again. But no, this works, well for me it does! Excellent customer service too, thank you!

Good quality derma roller

Very good product, no pain at all when rolling. I've used it for probably 2 weeks or less and I already see my skin looking smooth. I bought it cuz I had some scars and they are 80% banished. Also my pores are notably smaller. Completely recommend this derma roller if you're a beginner like me.

Prompt delivery

I have used this a few times. I do see a little improvement on wrinkles and scars but it now squeaks. Not sure how to fix that. It is a little annoying.

The product is easy to use and has worked well so far

The product is easy to use and has worked well so far. With 2 weeks of use 2-3 times a week I find that my acne scarring is fading faster than it normally would and my skin is absorbing my moisturizers more efficiently, leaving my skin feeling extra hydrated and healthy.

I bought this item and I am very happy with it.

I like the different needle sizes for difference area of the body. I cannot tell if I am making new collagen, it's too early for that. When I used it my skin got red for a couple of hours afterwords. It was also very soft, likely from the product I used going in deeper into the skin. The needle looks all very solid, feels and looks like a professional product. I recommend this micro needle rollers. The price is very reasonable!