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Great price quick delivery

We get in a beauty routine rut so when a friend recommended this I was hesitant but now I have to say I should have changed ages ago. It's perfect for aging skin

Will be buying again

Really like this product, all natural and I apply the vitamin C serum or collagen cream after I perform treatments with my derma roller.

No need for injections and Bottox anymore

This tool works really well on my neck area to get out the knots. I have a regular gua sha but because of arthritis in my hand I find it difficult to get at the proper angle. I would certainly recommend this product.

Derma Roller System®
Vivienne Grenier
Reasonable price, great quality!

I've been using this derma roller and cream for about a week and I truly enjoy it. The cream texture is really soft like whipping cream. I cannot wait to continue to use and see the result.

Derma Roller System®
Dorothy Smith
Great product and customer service!

This dermaroller is excellent! Some dermaroller are made with cylinders opposed to real needles. This dermaroller is made with medical grade needles! It is the real deal! Super sharp! Will purchase again!

Derma Roller System®
Betty Goldner
I love it. I use it two times every day.

I love it. I use it two times every day. About a week I saw the difference on my face. I will buy one more 1mm for the body!

I am very happy so far with my derma roller system

I really feel that this has helped the appearance and youthfulness of my face overall. I added it to my routine and changed nothing else, and I HAVE noticed a difference. IMHO, the only thing that will produce radical effects is surgery... so keep that in mind and don't expect your face to transform overnight. Sorry, but this is true with any product! Let's just say that I have tried MANY products over the years and this one holds up very well and has actually produced noticeable results over the period of a few weeks. I like it enough that I'm getting more!

Product is excellent!

No pain, runs smooth and skin feels great!

Good product.

My rating is for delivery. It came very fast and just as shown. I have used the product twice, and it makes my skin very soft. I have sensitive skin and it has not turned it red. It is too early to rate the product though, but so far so good.

Very good quality micro needle roller

Good massage for the skin, keep the skin look healthy. I recommended it to all my friends. I am so happy with it.

Compact, well constructed, and easy to use.

Fast shipping! Great product! Can't wait to see the results of using it.

AMAZING for softening skin and negating dullness!

Arrived fast and works really well on winkles, discoloration and acne scaring. I used to get fillers, but no longer necessary as this helped a ton!

The roller arrived as expected without any complication

I just started using it and it seems to be of a good quality product. I will definitely be buying the Complete system the next time.

Great derma roller

Fantastic product from derma roller system! This cream is not greasy at all and you don't need much when applying. I've been using this for a couple of weeks and love the look and feel of my skin. I apply the dermacell collagen cream in combination with the derma roller system. I believe using both products improves results.

Works Great!

I wanted a good quality dermaroller and some were expensive and bought a $40 one that worked really well but wanted to find an alternative when I saw the reviews here, decided to buy it, and it works! I used it for discolouration acne scars(cause I tend to pop my pimples and the scar turns all brown/black, yes I know I'm not suppose to do that). And then I use a vitamin c serum with a few other essential oils and my skin has been looking more plumper and the scars are clearing up. It takes a while to see results but worth it(a couple of weeks or a month to see big change )

Amazing! I love this thing!

After 1 use I see a difference, the difference is very minor, but I imagine with regular use, it will be even better. On my first time it didnt hurt, but it felt really weird. Second time was great. Highly recommend if you have pigmented acne scars.

I highly recommend if you're considering a derma roller

I am absolutely thrilled with this dermaroller. My skin is already looking better. Great product and great price!!!!

I have had microneedling done at the doctors office with topical anesthetic

I was a little scared to use this product. I have had microneedling done at the doctors office with topical anesthetic and I was afraid this would be painful. It absolutely was not. There are only small plastic bumps that make very tiny punctures to the skin. I used this product with a glycol IV acid and it worked very well to infuse my skin with the product. It was easy to clean too. This will save me lots of money since I can do this at home for maybe a dollar a peel versus hundreds at the doctor!

Roller + Cream + Serum = PERFECT

I purchased these rollers to help with a scar and large pores which are on my chin. Because it was my first time using it, I used the small roller. I washed my face well and applied the DermaCell collagen cream and DermaC+ Serum. The next morning I did notice a difference to my pore areas. I will be rolling my face again in four weeks times. There are videos that give a demonstration but you won't need them as the instructions are very good. I'm very pleased with the purchase, delivery was very quick, I liked the packaging.

I bought my roller from after hearing from friends who bought this one.

Excellent Derma Roller, it came in a sealed bag and has a premium quality feel to it. The roller comes in a storage case that keeps the needles away from the edges. Great quality item! Bought this for my acne scars, have seen some pretty good results after the first 2 weeks! Can't wait to see what the next few weeks of results will look like. Great product! Works as advertised

Derma Roller System®
Sarah StoutSarah Stout
This roller is extremely useful in my everyday life and good quality for money ...

This product is amazing. I felt and saw the difference in my skin from the very first use. It's very affordable for everything you're getting in this set.

Love it or Hate it

I liked this product. I have looked at other skin care products for bad acne,after searching for directions, I finally figured it out by youtube.
I loved how easy it was and have been using this for a week now. I don't see a lot of difference yet however I do like how it makes me feel . I didn't find it at all painful as past reviews stated. I loved how it made me feel like I was peeling away dead dry skin. Overall it seems to be a love it or hate it type of skin care product. I loved it! I loved feeling fresh right before bed.
The only downfall I can truly see is the lack of directions. I didn't care to have to go searching for information on how to use it my first time,Also I didn't like how small the handle was and wish it was a bit thicker.
The packaging was very nice and I am able to keep it clean and safe in the tube.

Complete Derma Roller System®
Clarimunda Mailloux
Very sleek box, and very sterile packaging, very excited to try !!

Very sleek box, and very sterile packaging, very excited to try !!

Have only been using for a few weeks and already have noticed a difference in the lines on my face.

They appear to be filling in. I am anxious to see how they look after 6-8 weeks of use.

I am really enjoying this derma roller!

I bought it originally to see if a micro needling treatment would be the right option for me (trying to avoid wasting money!), and I've really been pleased with what I've seen. Okay, so I use this 0.5mm roller 1-2 times a week before bed/after I shower. I've found that this derma roller has helped bring old whiteheads/small pimples to the surface that have been there for months. I've been able to break up clusters of whiteheads in a matter of weeks! Additionally, it seems to be helping my hyperpigmentation. I've noticed those spots are lighter and easier to cover! Highly recommend if you are looking for a product to manage stubborn skin issues!