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Derma Roller System® -
Derma Roller System® -
Derma Roller System® -
Derma Roller System® -

Derma Roller System®

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The patented, award-winning Derma Roller System® provides a natural way to improve the appearance of skin. By painlessly rolling 200 gamma-sterilized stainless steel needles over your skin, the Derma Roller creates tiny micro-channels to stimulate and trigger the skin’s natural healing process and increase collagen and elastin production (the two proteins that help make up the structural components of skin).

The Derma Roller has been clinically proven to help treat common signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, cellulite, scars (including acne scars), stretch marks, smoother skin, and promoting hair growth.



  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars or stretch marks
  • Improves skin pigmentation issues and surface of the skin
  • Improves texture, tone, and firmness of skin
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Increases the effectiveness of topical skin care products
  • Safe for all skin types



  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Medical-grade stainless steel needles
  • CE Certified
  • Product of Canada
  • Derma Roller System®
  • PerfectDerm® Collagen Face Mask
  • User Guide
  • Compact Travel Case


The Derma Roller can be used anywhere on the face, neck, and body. The Derma Roller can also boost the absorption of skin care products by up to 10x by allowing the products to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. To get the most effective results, follow every treatment with the DermaCell® Collagen Cream and PerfectDerm® Face Masks.

Great for all skin types.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2122 reviews
Annette Guibord
My pores are smaller and my skin looks much better. Has far as tightening and wrinkles its to ...

I've been using the derma roller system for about 3 weeks now. My pores are smaller and my skin looks much better. Has far as tightening and wrinkles its to soon to tell. But I love this product.

Lily Clarke
Fabulous - my New GO To!

Best one I've tried so far! Saw great results right away. My skin got softer and the pores on my face have become less visible..

Doda Lucchese
I hope that one day I can have clean skin.

I am long acne from the age of 14. I am now 39 years old and have several skin problems at this age. Many scars, large pores, pigmentation and fine lines are all present. I have tried accutane, proactive, dermabrasion, skin peeling, facials and all kinds of products out there. I spent a lot of money these years. High-end brands such as Exuviance, Clarity Rx and Mario Badescu. I used some magical products. This is the first time I have seen such a result in a very short time. I have been using a small roll for two weeks. I have spent more than three weeks. My skin looks softer and smooth. It never felt so soft or looked so fast. It is not greasy nor dry. Since my aging, my skin has become very dry. I really recommend this gadget. I'll take it on the 1.5mm deep scars. I hope that one day I can have clean skin.

Constance Deserres
Medical grade sharp. numbing required!

After trying a litany of skin rollers for well over 6 years, I have finally found the brand that is consistently well made and functional! Since I needle my face, neck, decollete and parts of my body, I not only utilize different needle lengths, but also require a handle that is easy to grip, a roller that moves fluidly and strong titanium pins. The purpose of the strong pins is even skin penetration and durability. I have found with proper treatment, sterility and storage of these dermarollers, I can get up to 14 months of use (employing a monthly rolling frequency). Lastly, unlike what I've experienced with other brands, these do not scratch or produce pin-point bleeding. As a result, I've not required any numbing cream, even when using the 1.0 needle length.

Holly Rose
Rolls very well. I will probably buy this brand again.

I've only been using this for a couple of days but I can see that it's working. I bought this because it has different needle lengths for face and body and my stretch marks are fading.

Zoe Collie
The micro needles came in very good package

I bought this in hopes of lightening my 5 year old stretch marks. I have only had the opportunity to use it once, but I noticed a difference right away! My skin is firmer and I cannot wait to use it again in a months time!

Eufrosina Trentini
Awesome complete derma roller set :)

I was skeptical that this roller could do what it says, but I'm very pleased with how it works and believe it has reduced fine lines and created a healthier complexion for me. I had to go on line and watch some how to videos first, but once done I had no trouble using the roller.

Samantha Myer
I love it!

I love this skin needling roller. It took forever to ship, but it gets the job done. I think I should have gotten a little longer of a needle point, but it is not too painful and I can use it with ease. I use it about 3 times a week. dramatic results yet but I feel like my skin has a better glow.

Fanchon Roy
Great product

I thought that the little needles on the roller would hurt but it didn't and also I don't have to use it alot.

Claudia Dymock
I feel like this has helped get rid of some fine wrinkles.

I use it every other day, once a day. It makes your face red at the start but has an effect immediately after use. That's probably why wrinkles look less defined. Would recommend but I may buy one with bigger needles to see if it makes a difference as this one is slightly noticeable. Definitely a product worth a try.