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Derma Roller System® with Collagen Cream

Best Seller
Best Seller

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  • DermaCell® Collagen Cream 50mL
  • Derma Roller with User Guide
  • Compact Travel Case
  • PureDerm® Collagen Face Mask



  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Medical-grade stainless steel needles
  • CE Certified
  • Product of Canada


This starter kit includes the Derma Roller along with the DermaCell Collagen Cream and PureDerm Face Mask. It is perfect for those who want to boost collagen in their skin to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, body scars, cellulite, and deep wrinkles.



  • Reduces the appearance of dark marks and scars
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Increases radiance
  • Creates smoother and firmer skin
  • Improves the appearance of skin clarity and tone
  • Increases the absorption of topical skin care products
  • Provides light hydration without a filmy or greasy residue


The Derma Roller’s stainless steel, surgical-grade micro-needles stimulate and trigger the skin’s natural regeneration process for a visibly firmer, smoother, younger-looking appearance. The Derma Roller can be used anywhere on the face and body to boost absorption of your skin care products by up to 10x.

DermaCell collagen cream is a luxurious moisture treatment highly concentrated with collagen and nutrients to help even out the skin’s texture, tone, and wrinkles for a more youthful complexion.

PureDerm face masks contain enriched nutrients and collagen for visibly smoother, suppler, and more luminous skin within minutes.

Great for all skin types.


Customer Reviews

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Perfect derma roller... but 0.5mm it's very small.

Perfect derma roller... but 0.5mm it's very small.

Great buy!

It was recommended by several estheticians in the skin care industry to invest in this product to help minimize breakouts. I have been using the Derma Roller System now for over a month, and have already seen phenomenal results! It not only is a great product to create oxygenation to kill bacteria, but it also helps to minimize puffiness and fine lines around the eye contour area when used with an eye cream and appropriate moisturizer.

I would recommend this product to anyone!

Bought this for all my galpals too. Givin' me some hope yet.

Bought this for all my galpals too. Givin' me some hope yet.

Good Length for Beginners + Tips and Tricks

Here's some tips I have for dermarolling: test rolling on your hand to see if you're allergic, use Vitamin C serum and non-comedogenic moisturizer, DO NOT roll on active acne (this will spread bacteria and make you break out more), pick up the dermaroller off the skin in between strokes, sanitize the dermaroller before and after use (I soak it in rubbing alcohol and store it in the clear case it comes with), try to avoid wearing makeup after dermarolling(don't want makeup stuck deep down in the skin), and lastly, do not overdo it--depending on length of the needle, you'll need variant amounts of time between each session so the skin can heal, because remember you are puncturing holes into your face. I would definitely do some considerate research on dermarolling before starting.

Great product

Great product