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Derma Roller System® with Anti-Aging Serum (For Face) -
Derma Roller System® with Anti-Aging Serum (For Face) -
Derma Roller System® with Anti-Aging Serum (For Face) -
Derma Roller System® with Anti-Aging Serum (For Face) -

Derma Roller System® with Anti-Aging Serum (For Face)


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The Derma Roller System® with Anti-Aging Serum is perfect for those who want to reduce the look of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles on the face.



  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars or stretch marks
  • Improves skin pigmentation issues and surface of the skin
  • Improves texture, tone, and firmness of skin
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Increases the effectiveness of topical skin care products
  • Safe for all skin types



  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Medical-grade stainless steel needles
  • CE Certified
  • Product of Canada



  • Derma Roller System®
  • DermaC+® Anti-Aging Serum 30mL
  • PerfectDerm® Collagen Face Mask
  • User Guide
  • Compact Travel Case


Derma Roller System’s stainless steel, medical-grade microneedles stimulate and trigger the skin’s natural regeneration process for a visibly firmer, smoother, younger-looking appearance. The Derma Roller can be used anywhere on the face and body to boost absorption of your skin care products by up to 10x.

DermaC+ is a powerful anti-aging serum highly concentrated with vitamin C (creates elastin and collagen) and vitamin E (antioxidant and moisturizer) to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles and reduce the look of age spots and discoloration.

PerfectDerm face masks contain enriched nutrients and collagen for visibly smoother, suppler, and more luminous skin within minutes.

Great for all skin types.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1052 reviews
Victoria Coleman
Great value

I like this item a lot .. I can hardly see mi forehead lines anymore, though I bought it to see if it can help me with my nasolabial folds. Haven't seen any results there, hopefully with time I will start noticing some diference!

Miriam Richards
Getting use to it!

At first the sound and feeling was scarey, but i'm getting use to it. Me and my teenage daughter use it for our skin care needs. It isn'tas relaxing as I thouht it would be,but can tell a difference since we've started using it.

Bradamate Berie
I have been using this product every day for almost 2 weeks now

I bought it to help brighter and fade acne scars that have been bothering me forever. As you'll see in my before and after after only 22 days of applying it before bed it's been a major help in reducing redness and scar sizeI bought this product based on the other positive reviews & from YouTube beauty vloggers recommending vitamin c serum to help with scars, I can't wait to see the results with continued use if this is how great it can work in just a few days!Will buy again!

Harriet North
Three weeks and I love it

Been using this at least once a day on top of my usual skin regimen. It helps heal random pimples I get during my monthly cycle within a couple of days, my pores are noticeably smaller and skin is more supple.

Julie Rivas
I bought this to help with acne scars and it's really good

I know this might sound strange but after one use I'm already seeing results. My skin is glowing, and I don't notice my acne scars as much. It's a great product!

Donat Béland
Adds a glow to your skin

What a great and unique product! This is a good way to take care of your skin. It is small and portable which is so easy for you to take for travel.

Paulette Montminy
Have on had a chance to use it on my hands and so far so good

Shipping was crazy fast! Purchased on Friday and it arrived on Sunday!

Velma Brooks
Looks very good quality

I am so happy with my recent order. I will be using derma roller system skincare for reorders. Thank you

Susanna Bellucci
Happy with the results

After my treatments, the next day the redness is gone and I have glowing skin.

Heloise Desnoyers
So far, great results!

I am soon to be 52. I was a very limited sun worshiper and never smoked. I had minimal wrinkles, but they were starting, among with a slight face sag in the jaw area. I am on week three and it is working really well. I can see a difference. My forehead lines are almost gone, my under eye area has improved an my face sag has slightly improved. , as it e are lifted! Consistency is the key here. I will update in 6 weeks! So far I love it! I look younger and more refreshed!