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5 Ways Argan Oil & Vitamin C Can Help Your Skin After Sun Exposure

5 Ways Argan Oil & Vitamin C Can Help Your Skin After Sun Exposure Image


If you’re prone to getting a sunburn, we’ve got a little something that could help: argan oil. This exotic, aromatic liquid is pressed from the nut of an indigenous Moroccan tree called the argan tree, and is sold regularly in Morocco for natural skincare and haircare treatments. 

Together with Vitamin C, argan oil can effectively heal your skin after a sunburn.

Here are 5 reasons why you think about using argan oil for sunburn: 


Moisture is a crucial treatment for sunburn, as hydrating the skin can allow for skin cell rejuvenation and survival. Argan oil delivers moisture directly into skin layers and stimulates natural moisturizing, giving your skin long-lasting hydration and helping it to heal more effectively. 


Argan oil contains a number of anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight swelling and boost collagen. This allows the skin to heal more effectively more quickly. Argan oil also contains a number of vitamins: Vitamins A, E and C assist in burn recovery and new cell creation. 


Many people don’t know that even after exposure, UV rays absorbed by the skin continue to burn. By infusing skin cells with soothing moisture and essential vitamins from argan oil and vitamin C, your skin layers cool down quickly. This will result in a reduction in redness of the skin. 


Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, which offer amazing cellular protection against free radicals and UV rays. The ascorbic acid in vitamin C is also an excellent antioxidant. Together, they strengthen epidermal and subdermal cells both before and after sun exposure. 


Vitamin C is an extremely effective treatment for sunburn as it can help with skin cell survival. This will also help to prevent peeling of the skin and lower the risk of skin damage. There is even evidence to show that Vitamin C can help reduce the risk of skin cancer! 


If you’re worried about getting a sunburn, or know that your skin is prone to getting sunburnt, you can use argan oil sun protection . Just apply a few drops onto your skin in the morning or before You can also use argan oil sun protection; just apply a few drops on your skin in the morning or before going in the sun. 

Of course, the benefits of argan oil and Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum go way beyond sunburn and sun protection. Find out more about their curative and anti-aging properties by checking out other blog articles or contacting our helpful experts.


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