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Top 8 Skin Care Tips For Fall

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When the seasons change, it’s a great idea to change your skincare routine as well. Using the same products and routine all year long can be ineffective and even harmful to your skin as the weather changes. Check out our autumn skin care tips to keep your skin from aging prematurely and looking great. 

Use a More Soothing Cleanser

During the summer months, you most likely use a more aggressive cleanser to combat the sweat and extra oil your skin naturally produces in the hotter months. But as the weather cools down, it’s a good idea to switch to a gentler cleanser to avoid drying out your skin. 

Increase Your Use of Moisturizer

Moisturizers are one of the best face care products out there. Because your skin doesn’t produce as much oil in cooler weather, you might want to also consider adding an additional moisturizer or a good face serum for fall to your skin care routine. 

Take a Closer Look at Your Skin Care Routine

If you love using exfoliators or face masks, make sure to track how often you use them. If you tend to use these products often, think about using them less during the fall and winter. These treatments can strip your skin of the little oil it does produce and dehydrate the skin. Another tip is to start to use products that contain antioxidants that build collagen, such as products with natural vitamin C. These products contain nutrients that will help to naturally keep your skin healthy. 

Introduce Oils

Even if your skin produces an above average amount of oil, it still might not be getting enough to stay properly hydrated. Whether you prefer essential oils or oil-based skin care products, applying soil can help you skin stay soft and youthful. 

Look for Changes in Your Skin

We all look at ourselves in the mirror, but we often miss key signs that our skin isn’t at its best. Pay close attention to regions of your skin that are prone to dryness so you can catch the early signs of dehydration. This will allow you to fight it quicker so it doesn’t get further damaged or even start flaking! 

Keep Using Sunscreen

Even when it’s cold out, the sun’s UV rays can still do significant damage in the fall. Think about using a lighter weight sunscreen, but make sure to keep applying it as a part of your skincare routine for ultimate protection. 

It’s All About The Eyes

The area around your eyes is the most sensitive part of your face. Which is why it’s so important to take care of your eyes to prevent premature signs of aging. Finding a good hydrating eye cream is key for preventing these signs of aging, so find a good product and make sure to use it daily.

If you still have any questions about your seasonal skin care routine or want any more tips, don’t hesitate to contact us for information on helpful products!


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