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4 Foods You Must Avoid To Keep Your Skin Healthy In The Summer

Your skin can dry out and become red faster than ever in the summer. Try to stack up on sunscreen, protective eyewear, as well as some other important skincare tools. Besides all of these, you should also watch out for your diet and avoid some foods as often as possible.

Avoid Ice Cream 

It is a delicious and refreshing candy, but it is filled with sugar which is not good for your skin. Avoid desserts of any kind because these can get in the way of your natural collagen and elastin production.

Don't Eat Bagels and White Bread

Carbohydrates are not good for your skin and its hydration. Bagels and some other foods are rich in carbs and sugars which can spike up your sugar level. In order to avoid this rather eat a bowl of low-sugar oatmeal.


Did you know that milk and acne go hand in hand? This product clogs the pores and feels too heavy for your organism to process. Switch to almond or coconut milk and drink it when eating your cereal, making coffee etc.

Highly Processed Foods

Frozen meals and food which is in cans are filled with sodium. Salt can dehydrate your body and make it feel tired while leaving you with a dull appearance. It also leaves your face looking puffy, as well as super puffy around the eyes.

You should eat some foods which have Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as Vitamin C based foods. Eat oranges, spinach, and strawberries to heal your skin tissue. You can also combine your Derma Roller System and get amazing and flawless results if you need them the fastest way possible.


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