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3 Easy Steps To Even Out Your Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is one of those skin problems that are universal. No matter what your actual skin tone is, skin that isn’t healthy loses evenness and your complexion appears dull and lacks lustre. With all the wear and tear that our skins experience on a normal day, from chemical based makeup to sun-damage, your skin tone suffers. Follow these easy steps for a skin tone that is even and skin that looks radiant:

Step 1

Before you start any kind of skin care regimen, the first thing you need to do is research. Get familiar with your skin type; what it reacts to and what it loves and if possible, see a skin care specialist as well. Knowing what the reason for your uneven skin tone is, is crucial before actually trying to improve skin tone. However, the rule of thumb for this is to always protect your skin from harmful UV rays and use a high SPF sunblock.

Step 2 

While there can be a number of reasons why your skin might be uneven, there are a few staple products that work for pretty much every skin type. The most common reason for dark spots and uneven skin tone is usually sun damage for which there are a few products that work the best. These products include products like the DermaCell Collagen Cream and the DermaC+ Anti-aging Serum. These two products are fantastic for reversing early signs of aging, reducing dark spots and reducing the harmful effects of the sun on the skin.

From vitamin C to hyaluronic acid, use products with ingredients that fight discoloration and dark spots for a youthful glow.

Step 3

The last step in evening out your skin tone is simply sticking to it. Usually products that work the past and provide the most long-lasting effects are the ones that tend to take their time with their effects. Stick strongly to your regimen and watch your skin transform over time. Remember, the goal is long-term skin protection, not short-term changes that fade as soon as they appear.


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