Everything You Need to Know About Dermarolling

Everything You Need to Know About Dermarolling


Dermarolling is not your typical surgical procedure. It is a simple operation which sees the skin of the body get perforated by needles. Skin rolling, microneedling, and college induction therapy are also used to describe this procedure.

A derma roller is a tool used in microneedling. Yes, needles are required. But the exact amount will depend on the type of derma roller. It could be as little as 90 needles to about 200 needles. In addition to the quantity of the needles involved, size differs with figures between 0.5mm and 2.5mm. 

Mode of Action of Dermarollers

The motion of a derma roller on the skin of the patient is the driving force behind a microneedling procedure. Needles are attached to the epidermal layer of the skin due to this specific action of derma rollers. Multiple perforations into the skin, representing sites of attachment of the needles to the skin, lead to the degradation of traumatized tissue.

Receptors in the skin send the necessary signals to the concerned part of the central nervous system. The healing cascade kicks off prompting the production of the structural proteins - collagen and elastin. One significant attribute which favors a skin-needling procedure is the long-term manufacture of the proteins. A single microneedling session will see the consistent production of collagen and elastin for a whole year!  

With the continuous production of collagen fibers, the epidermal layer of the skin is gradually replenished. Flaws in your skin would usually vanish with time. Most people can confirm experiencing positive changes in their appearance and within a relatively short duration.    

The epidermis is known to limit the assimilation of essential minerals into the skin. With the perforations created by the microneedling procedure, easier access is granted to the essential compounds in skin care products which could increase the collagen concentration of your skin. The outcome is a plump and wrinkle-free skin; giving you that youthful appearance you’ve always wanted. You don’t have to undergo several procedures to observe these changes. 

Can Dermarolling Really Help?

In just one attempt, a skin-needling procedure can stimulate the production of structural proteins like collagen and elastin.

The origin of microneedling can be traced back to the 1950s. Ernst Kromayer removed scars and similar blemishes on the skin of his patients using dental burrs. Further research and experiments conducted revealed that dermarolling can improve the appearance of a deeply scarred skin.

Remarkable changes were observed when several patients with blemished skin went through a microneedling procedure. The epidermal layer appeared robust with a distinct glow. It was observed that both elastin and collagen saw a spike in production, and this increase continued for months. 

More findings revealed an improvement in the permeability of the epidermis, especially to beneficial chemical compounds. 

How Can Skin-needling Help?

Below are conditions where skin-needling can be of immense help:

-    Wrinkles just above the ridge of the nose

-    Furrows on the forehead

-    Ridges on the skin

-    Crow’s feet

-    Blemished skin

-    Acne

-    Senescence

-    Stretch marks

-    Alopecia

-    Irregular skin surface 

What is the Downtime of Dermarolling?

Microneedling, being minimally invasive, does not damage the epidermis. This is in contrast to procedures like laser treatment which leaves patients with multiple issues. The difference can be seen in the latter’s several weeks downtime. However, the skin of the patient and the dexterity of the medical expert can be decisive. Microneedling has a downtime of just a couple of days and the dimension of the needles used could be quite influential. 

Does Collagen Induction Therapy have any Possible Side Effects?

Laser treatment and other similar procedures often come with bruises, redness of the affected area, edema and painful sensations. There are relatively fewer side-effects for dermarolling. 

An imperceptible amount of excoriation can occur. Usually, this shouldn’t go beyond a couple of days. Redness of the skin is also likely. Your skin should regain its color and glow within a few days. The nature of the microneedling procedure could determine how quickly your skin recovers. 

Possible Outcomes of Skin-needling

The condition of your skin will see two groups of changes. Some are short-lived while the others persist beyond the treatment period. The state of the skin is significantly improved immediately after the treatment is done. The entry of nutrient-carrying blood into the affected areas of the skin improves the general appearance of the skin. However, this only lasts a few days. 

Long-lasting changes in the skin are seen due to the impact of collagen. The production of this structural changes within the body restores the glow of the skin, albeit gradually. While most conditions require different healing time, only a few months should be okay towards seeing these positive changes. 

How to Choose a Product after Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

The potency of your chosen beauty products shoots through the roof after a microneedling procedure. Regardless of the nature of the product, it penetrates the skin better than before the skin-needling session. Also, the production of growth factors and collagen is stimulated seamlessly after a microneedling treatment.

The use of beauty products after a CIT procedure is not compulsory. But if you must, you should avoid using products with side-effects. Managing edema, increase in collagen production, and the hydration of your skin should be observable dividends of using a particular skin care product.

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