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7 Essential Tips To Fight Acne This Winter

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For people with acne-prone oily skin, the heat of the summer can be a huge problem causing excess sebum production and possible breakouts. But the cold can bring its own set of problems. Often times due to excessive dryness and irritation, the skin tends to break out and the acne can be stubborn to say the least. Following a detailed skin care routine that caters to your needs and takes the weather into account is crucial. From a basic sunscreen-cleansing-moisturizer routine to more detailed skin care, here’s how you can fight acne during the cold! 

Taking care of your skin in the cold

Skin care is something that needs to be relative and particular to what your skin needs. This can be quite puzzling as the skin’s needs tend to change from summer to winter. Here are some useful tips for taking care of your skin in the cold for acne prone skin;

  • Since the basic problem during winter for every skin type is dryness, using a vitamin C serum can make a huge difference owing to its moisturizing properties
  • Using moisturizers of a higher potency can moisturize better. In case of acne-prone skin, a wide range of gel-based moisturizers are available that penetrate the skin yet don’t cause acne
  • Using facial cleansers that moisturize which cleaning is a great option to fight dryness
  • Products with antioxidants; vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are not only great for dryness but also help to fight black heads and acne. The use of such products in winter can have an amazing impact
  • The use of oil-free, silicone and paraben free products is an added benefit which improves skin texture and keeps it healthy in the long-run
  • Using products with salicylic acid can make a huge difference in preventing acne. Salicylic acid based products are easily available in the market from cleansers to scrubs and even moisturizers
  • Use a gentle calming toner preferably aloe vera or tea tree oil based to fight irritation and prevent breakouts 

Find what works for you!

Using products targeted for what your skin needs is crucial. Skin care is not only for short-term problems. Taking care of the skin and using the right product essential for the long-run as well. If you start taking care of your skin now, you will enjoy the benefits now and even twenty years down the road.


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