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Get a unique skin care routine with the Derma Roller System

Get a unique skin care routine with the Derma Roller System Image


Changes in weather bring new problems and requirements for the skin. While the winter tends to make the skin dry, the summer bring excess oil production and oil. The summer brings relatively greater skin challenges that require modifications in the skin care routine involving high protection and gentle care.

Gentle Moisturizers

During the summer, using a thick greasy moisturizer can actually clog the pores and make your skin breakout. Make sure to use a toner that smooths the texture of the skin and cleans it. Use cleansers that aren’t harsh on the skin and use gel-based moisturizers that penetrate the skin and hydrate it from within. Try using makeup that is paraben and silicone free to allow your skin some breathing room.

Focus on sunscreen

While everyone must use sunscreen throughout the year, the sun rays during the summer can be especially harsh and require extra layers of protection. People with sensitive skin need much higher protection that other people do which is why sunscreens with argan oil and UV protection like the ones available through the Derma Roller System protect your skin and prevent sun damage.

Put your health first

The skin basically reflects whatever that is going on in your body. If you’re unwell it is bound to show up on your face. Similarly, a dehydrated body, that too during the summer, makes the skin dull, lack-lustre and brings a plethora of skin problems. Remembering that a healthy body is the motive and skin is secondary will actually put things into place and make your skin better on its own. Stay hydrated during the summer, drink plenty of water and eat fruits to keep your body and your skin healthy and fresh.


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