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3 Tips For Glowing Skin This New Years Eve

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New Year’s Eve can be a cold, dry time of the year. But spending the holidays with your loved ones makes even the dampest of days seem special. Having skin that glows and radiates warmth from the inside out is what every woman needs for New Year’s Eve. Here are some ways you can get that picture perfect glow for a special holiday;

Beauty comes from within

While beauty comes from within’ is kind of a cliche thing to say, it couldn’t be more true. To have skin that glows in any season, keeping yourself hydrated and consuming a fresh, healthy diet is the way to go. Especially in the cold, we tend to forget about drinking water and that dehydration has a way of showing up on the skin. The importance of drinking water and eating healthy couldn’t be emphasized enough for glowing skin.

Diversify your skin care products

Using the same products throughout the year can lead to no difference at all on the skin. The cold needs a targeted skin care regimen. And while the holidays are fun, they come with a lot of extra makeup use as well. Using a gentle cleanser and a mild exfoliator topped with a strong moisturizer can give your skin the love it deserves. Using micellar water for removing makeup can actually can you an extra step for thorough cleansing and makes the skin clean from deep within. In addition to that, using products that are light on the skin gives it a subtle glow. A lightweight serum to give you just that is the DermaC+ serum.

Highlighter is your friend

Whether you use a cream based liquid highlighter under your base or a powder to highlight the high points of your cheeks, a subtle highlighter can give you a glow that looks natural and gives your skin that radiant holiday glow. A little goes a long way with highlighter so start with a light hand and use a fan brush for application and re-apply until you reach the desired glow.


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