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How Does Skin Brightening Work?

Dark spots, redness, and uneven tones are becoming more common problems. This is the reason why Skin brighteners have become the most popular trend. Many women have experienced the benefits of skin brightening, and swear by it. There are so many products under the name brighteners on the market. However, the principle is pretty much the same. Skin brightening products will correct the skin in the areas where it is needed. In this post, we explain how do they work.

The Cause of Dark Spots

Dark spots are basically a form of hyperpygmentation, that appears as a result of skin damage. You will notice a dark spot when a blemish on your skin heals. Or, it can appear after sunburn or skin irritation caused by allergies. When the inflammation is healed, it can make the skin release some extra pigment. This will result in the appearance of dark spots.

How Brighteners Work

Brightening products will target the specific area on the skin with hyperpigmentation spots. These products have various approached to solving this problem. Some will disable the production of extra pigment. Some will stimulate the skin to shed the top layer quicker. This way, the skin will be repaired and the dark spots will be gone. Keep in mind that you should be very careful, as some products might bleach the healthy skin too.

Choosing a Skin Brightener

Older versions of skin brightening products contain hydroquinone. This ingredient is known for blocking the production of extra pigments and is highly efficient in skin brightening. But, this powerful ingredient is associated with an increased risk of skin cancer. Safer alternatives have Vitamin C as an active ingredient that will decrease the hyperpigmentation. Also, Vitamin B3 will reduce the appearance of dark spots with its anti-inflammatory abilities. Glycolic acid is a very gentle exfoliant, that will stimulate the repair process in the skin by removing the dead cells.

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