How to Buy Derma Roller?

Consider these 6 Vital Factors When Buying Derma Roller

Derma rolling has created many positive reviews, so a lot of people opt to get their own derma roller instead of clinical treatments which can cost around $500 per session. Consider these 6 factors when you are selecting your derma roller.


Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee is offered by responsible vendors to provide assurance about the quality of the products they offer and minimize the risk to their business. Make sure you get a roller with money back guarantee to avoid receiving a product of poor quality.


Needle Quality

The needles are a vital component of the roller. The needles create the magic to make your skin look better. However, they can also cause scarring and infection. Many obsolete rollers have needles made of titanium, which is not sharp as stainless steel needles so it is difficult to produce microchannels into the skin.


User Guide

If used improperly the derma roller can have adverse effects and not be effective on the skin. The usual side effects include dryness, inflammation, peeling, and rarely, infections. You can prevent these adverse effects by following the correct guide.

Make sure the at-home microneedling product comes with proper instructions of usage.


Reusable or Disposable Roller 

Disposable rollers have no risks of contamination, so they are the safest. However you will need to buy additional rollers for multiple procedures. Although the reusable rollers are more affordable, you should be careful in making sure the roller is clean and disinfected.


Recommendations and Reviews 

Recommendations and reviews from friends, relatives and those who have used the product will be an ideal source of information if you are unsure about a certain brand of derma roller. The reviews can present some honest testimonials on the effectiveness and quality of the various derma roller products.


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  • How many needles are there? cause I heard the more needles the better for the 1.5 mm I want to use it for stretch marks. and for hair thinning


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