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3 Ways To Hydrate and Fight Dryness

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Whatever skin problems that we have tend to sort of lie dormant during summer or spring and come out during the winter in full force. Your skin might seem perfect during the more humid months and make you go through a plethora of issues during the colder, dryer month. If your skin experiences the crisp winter air and looses its radiance, here are some ways you can bring back its glow: 

Scrub, scrub, scrub!

We all know how much of a difference a simple scrub can make for the skin. From removing dirt and impurities to dead skin, scrubbing can be useful any time of the year. But its use in the winter can make half your problems go away. Dead skin is a major reason why moisturizers don’t penetrate the skin fully. Using a gentle exfoliator can make the skin texture better and your moisturizers more effective. One thing must be kept in mind, however, that excessive exfoliation with a hard scrubbing motion can actually irritate your skin and aggravate your problem. Make sure to use a gentle scrub with a light hand. 

Use a strong moisturizer

Using a moisturizer is crucial during dry winter months to combat dryness and dull skin. Make sure to use a strong moisturizer and use gel-based ones if you have oily skin. Using ones with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid can show immediate results right from the get go. 

Stop using harsh products

We all have that one scrub or cleanser which makes the skin feel dry and squeaky clean right after use. While that might not be a problem during summer, such products tend to irritate the skin particularly during the colder months. If dryness, redness and dullness are some of your most common winter skin problems, using products that are gentler on the skin and come with moisturizing properties can make a huge difference. Instead of using products loaded with alcohol, salicylic acid or sodium laureth sulfate, go for products that come with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera.


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