Is Using Microneedle Rollers Really Worthwhile?

Treatment by microneedle is a recent trend when it comes to anti aging skincare, which is suited for treating blemishes and scars. You can easily use microneedle roller at home by yourself.  Read more to discover whether microneedle rollers are really worthwhile or they are just a facade. 


How Does a Microneedle Roller Function? 

A derma roller is equipped with numerous small needles of surgical grade. The derma roller can be rolled on the skin following proper directions using a light force to create small holes. Products of skincare, including creams and lotions, can easily penetrate the skin layers due to this and be more effective in improving it.  Moreover, by inciting a small inflammatory reaction from the needle pricks the skin will be stimulated to heal itself, which can reduce blemishes and scars.



  • The use of microneedle rollers can lead to visible reduction, if not complete disappearance, of all kinds of stretch marks and scars.
  • The rollers reduce the pore size, leading to better skin texture
  • They can be used to firm sagging or loose skin.
  • They are known to make topical creams more effective by making way for deeper penetration into the dermis.
  • The procedure boosts collagen production and improves blood circulation around the skin.
  • It can diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Derma rollers of high quality have needles made up of non-allergenic metals, so they are suitable for all types of skins without causing any adverse reaction.
  • They can reduce acne scars effectively based on how recent they are
  • The procedure can be done on any section of the body and it is affordable compared to other procedures that enhance skin health.


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