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All About Microneedling and Your Skin

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Attempts to manage the effects of aging have made procedures like microneedling quite popular. However, it has far-reaching benefits. Tackling senescence is just one of the many advantages of this procedure. Healthcare professionals can use microneedling in fixing a badly damaged skin which is often observed in the aftermath of accidents like fire outbreak or an auto crash. Also, the procedure could help ameliorate skin conditions such as acne and flaky skin.

Terms like Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), dermarolling, and skin needling have been used to describe the act of microneedling. The procedure entails attaching needles to the skin through the aid of a portable skin roller. This device could be made of stainless steel or silicon which holds the microneedles. The dimension of each needle is usually in the range of 0.5mm to about 2.5mm. Gamma rays are used to sterilize the device.

The cornified layer of the epidermis remains the active segment of the skin involved in this procedure. Application of the microneedles results in micropunctures limited to just this layer of the skin. The indentations created by the needles affect several underlying vessels leading to seepage of blood into the surrounding tissue. Growth factors like the fibroblast growth factor, platelet-dependent growth factor and a host of others are sent to this part of the skin.

The skin undergoes a transformational phase due to the action of the microneedles. Damaged tissues are gradually replaced through the production of collagen. The openings made by the needles during the procedure prompt the body to produce both collagen and elastin.

The production of these body proteins (elastin and collagen) takes place in the epidermal layer of the skin. Fibroblasts, released during the healing cascade instigated by the micropunctures, remains instrumental towards to the production of these structural proteins.

Both the production of these proteins and the revascularization exercise of the affected skin are dependent on the fibroblast growth factor. With collagen and elastin available, skin tightening follows.

If you have a highly delicate skin, an anesthetic is highly recommended to deal with any discomfort you might feel. Otherwise, you should probably douse thoughts of a gruesome procedure. Microneedling creates micropunctures which might be considered pseudo-wounds. They are not the regular injuries we are often faced with; they are created to stimulate your body’s healing process into action.

Regardless of the sensitivity of your skin, microneedling can be carried out without any problems. Your skin color doesn’t change that either. This procedure gives you the opportunity of having a skin you can proud of. You don’t have to worry about conditions like wrinkles and keloids diminishing your confidence. A CIT session can fix all these. Ointments and body creams perform optimally after a microneedling procedure.

Reinforcing your skin through dermarolling makes it more resistant to alterations like stretch marks. The deposition of collagen fibers could last a year. And this is just after one microneedling session. You can undergo multiple procedures within a couple of months. But this is dependent on the condition of the epidermal layer.    

The only visible side-effect of a skin needling procedure is the swelling of the affected area. This, however, is expected for a minimally invasive exercise. Also, it’s important you avoid contact with rays of the sun. Never underestimate the potency of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The condition of your skin could deteriorate greatly under the impact of sunlight.

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