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On a Slippery Slope With Your Oily Skin? Here's What You Need To Know and Do

On a Slippery Slope With Your Oily Skin? Here's What You Need To Know and Do Image


If your skin is overly oily then you are likely thinking that you need to really dry it out by vigorously washing it three times a day with heavyweight cleansers. You should instead be focused on other skin care activities to deal with your oily skin, and we outline them below.

Soak Up the Oil

You never know when excess oil production is going to happen, especially in the summer season. It's a wise decision to keep blotting sheets handy so that you can touch up oily areas when needed, and they won't affect your makeup efforts either which can be important in either personal or professional settings.

Exfoliate Regularly

Your oily skin pores need to break free of the oil buildup and the dirt that gets stuck – loosen up the oil and dirt by formulating an exfoliating program that works. Getting some facial masks that also help to reduce oil collecting on your skin is imperative as well post exfoliation. Keep an eye on how your exfoliating and mask routine work together to determine if your oily skin is improving, or if you have to take a more aggressive approach with products that eat up even more oil.

Night Hydration

Cream products can add to your oily skin issues so it's recommended to switch over to a facial spray before bed instead, as they offer lightweight moisture adding results. Avoid applying to oily areas though, including the T-zone which likely already has more than enough oil production happening already.

Use Sunscreen Intelligently

When using sunscreen products you likely think about the oily look and feel that they provide, especially oil-based ones that have been designed to accelerate the tanned color of the skin. While using sunscreen is very important, especially during the summertime, you need to use products that don't add significant oil to your already oily complexion. Sunscreens with natural ingredients, Argan oil with UV protection, and vitamin C serum for oily skin will help to deal with the sun's damaging rays during exposure, and even out skin tone and increase collagen production during the healing process post-sun. Finding the right combination is key so your oily skin can be at its best before, during, and after exposure to the sun – experiment to see what's ideal and find the products you need in our Derma Roller System online store.


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