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6 Skin Care Things To Do Or Refrain From This Summer

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The nice weather of summer is finally here and your skin wants you to know and do or don't do these six key things below.

Use Cooler Water In the Shower

Your skin is getting enough heat from the sun in the summer, so don't add more to it in the shower. Sure, in the winter it's wonderful to have nice hot showers to warm the body up after being outside in the cold, but in the summer you have to do the opposite when the heat waves hit. Going with lukewarm water temperature or even cooler in your shower is ideal to retain moisture, and to give your skin some much needed heat relief.

Don't Let Your Skin Dry Out

While it is easier to get moisture into your skin in the summertime, there are reasons why it can get dehydrated. Drink lots of water to replace the moisture your body loses from sweating if you feel parched and your throat is dry then it's a good indicator that your skin feels the same way.

If your skin is naturally oily it's because you aren't adding or retaining enough moisture and your body is doing its best to produce its own form of moisture. In the summer, chances are that your skin will get enough moisture but it may not retain it properly with lots of drying effects possible from the sun and elsewhere. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient to use as it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, and will work to protect it from the sun's harsh and powerful rays.

Stay Clear From Artificial Tanning

It's fairly common for people to want to build an initial tan base before outdoor tanning is possible, but it's recommended to avoid using tanning beds as they are bad for baking the skin in a negative way. Using a quality faux tanner though is just fine, and by applying it to the skin on a regular basis it will provide decent results and won't harm the skin like tanning beds do.

Sun Protecting Products Are Good When Done Right

The skin is an exposed organ that runs the risk of incurring damage from the sun, but by using a sunscreen product that has lots of natural ingredients in it is ideal to reduce the amount of light and UV rays that penetrate and threaten the skin's integrity.

Avoid Heavyweight Serums

Heavy moisturizing creams aren't usually needed when the summer months are in full effect, but rather, lightweight serums are more suited for skin during this time. You want a soothing agent for skin in the summertime and squalane oil is just what your skin needs to keep its moisture level at an optimal amount.

Don't Lose Your Healing Mindset For Your Skin

After a high amount of sun exposure your skin is begging to be healed and conditioned, so using a combination of mineral water, squalane oil, and aloe vera – ideally straight from a plant are three elements that your skin loves, especially in the summer.

Your skin needs to be well protected and treated with TLC during the summer season, and anti-aging serums are fantastic to accomplish these goals. Derma Roller System products offer what your skin needs when the temperatures, humidity levels, and UV index are all at their highest.


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