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The Best Skincare Routine For The Summer: Oily Skin

Women who have oily skin often hate the way their sweat combines with oils, creams, as well as other products in the summer. Luckily, there is the right routine for your skin type. You may need to invest a bit more time into getting the right outcome, but you are a lot less prone to getting wrinkles or fine lines than women with dry skin types.

Be Gentle With Your Skin

One of the first things is taking things slow and easy, as well as gentle. Try to wash your face only two times a day and clean out your pores. Do this with some mattifying or pore-cleansing products. The best kind is something which has citric acid or glycolic acid since it can help out with breakouts and unwanted oil production.

Exfoliation-wise, you could do this 2 times a week just to get rid of oils and some gunk from your pores.

The Right Foundation

Heavy makeup can be a bit harder to wear when the weather is warm. This is why we recommend pairing it along with a lighter moisturizer. You should also incorporate the right toner into your skincare routine since it helps with oils and pore-shrinking.


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