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How To Keep Skin Moisturized In Cold And Dry Weather

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When the cold months set in until Spring and your skin is at its greatest risk for drying out, you will need to switch up your daily skin care routine to accommodate the harsh changes that take place in the air. Be sure to understand your skin type – is it normal, dry, oily, or combination? As a general rule of thumb, the colder it gets outside the dryer the air is and the more moisture you will need to add back into your skin and then retain. 

Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy When the Air Loses Its Moisture

Skin type is an important consideration for skin care, especially in the colder seasons of fall and winter. Below are some general tips to keep your skin looking lush and supple, even when you're doing winter activities outside for hours on end. 

  • Use a cleanser that has less drying ingredients in it than you would use in the summer, a mild to medium one should do unless your skin is very oily.
  • Select a moisturizer that is generous with hydration, especially when everything freezes up outside and we brace ourselves for a long, chilly winter.
  • Use a serum that helps to lock in the moisture that your moisturizer provides, you want to keep in every drop of moisture that you can. Choose what face serum is right for your skin and the season from Derma Roller System's wide assortment of options.
  • When looking into what face oil to use, you want one that holds up to brisk winds that take your breath away in the crisp winter – DermaC+ Anti-Aging Serum is ideal for many different skin types no matter if it's hot in the summer or cold in the winter. It's loaded with essential fatty acids and vitamin E so that you get that sexy glow that everyone desires, and it effectively retains the moisture that you put in. 

Derma Roller System Has Got Your Skin Covered

Your skin care routine needs to be adapted as the seasons come and go throughout the year, and Derma Roller System has designed its online store so that anyone, regardless of their skin type and the season they are in can find what they need. When skin issues such as dark circles in the eye region pop up, wrinkles and fine lines reveal themselves, skin sensitivity festers, or other challenges impose their will upon your skin – you will be ready with products that contain natural resources, anti-aging ingredients, and targeted solutions to keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant. The store is easy to navigate, learning about products is simple to do, and placing an order is just a few short clicks away. Visit it now, your skin deserves high-quality products to keep it in fantastic condition all throughout the year.


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