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The Importance Of Using Sunscreen Within Your Summertime Skin Care Routine

The Importance Of Using Sunscreen Within Your Summertime Skin Care Routine Image


The summer provides lots of opportunities to be outside which is great, but you also need to think about the havoc that the sun can bring upon your skin. Your skin care routine in the summertime needs to add at least one extra product, and that's sunscreen. The sunscreen you go with should have a high level of SPF, an argan oil is great for UV protection, and facial spray adds another layer of moisture to your skin which can really help to replenish what was lost to the scorching sun. Below are some other considerations to keep in mind for healthy use of sunscreen.

Don't Forget To Reapply Often

Before getting out into the sun you are advised to apply sunscreen 15 minutes prior, and reapply every hour or two depending on what you're using for a product if you are in and out of water, and what the UV index is on a particular day. The right sunscreen will help to block out dangerous UV rays from the sun and moisturize your skin along the way.

Don't Neglect Your Lip Skin

Your lips have likely been forgotten about before when applying sun protection products, and that may have led to a burn that was hard to see due to their color but it still hurt and was uncomfortable. Give your lip skin the SPF it needs from a lip balm to stay protected from the sun while offering a fresh summer color if desired.

Cleanse More If Needed

Sunscreens can add a greasy element to your skin, and you may need to cleanse once or more per day when using sun-blocking products. If you don't plan on being home until much later during a day that includes exposure to the sun, then it may not be a bad idea to have a small amount of cleanser on hand if needed shortly after your skin gets out of the sun – and have some moisturizer and serum readily available as well.

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