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The 3-Step Routine To Perfect Skin In The Summer

If your skin is quite dry you may love the humidity that the summer brings along. Due to high heat, your skin can look a lot more youthful, rested, as well as glowy. This time you can lay off your lotions and moisturizers, and you can enjoy the perks of mother nature! Although the summer season can be better for dry skin types, there are still some steps which you should do if you are prone to sweating.

Use Cold Water

Hot showers can feel too heavy in the summer, and you shouldn't do them in the morning. In fact, a hot and steamy shower can make your skin even drier and dehydrated since you are removing all of your natural oils from the top. Shower with cool water in the morning and pat dry your skin. Don't make rubbing or swiping motions.

The Right Moisturizer

Add your favorite hydrating and nourishing moisturizer in the morning. You should use something which isn't too thick since it may take more time for it to sink into your skin. Apply this product to your entire body, but also your face.

Avoid Air Conditioners

You may think that air conditioners aren't as bad as heaters, but they are pretty much the same thing. You should use air conditioners only when the heat is unbearable. A great dupe for conditioners (which is also healthy) could be a face spray or face mister for the skin. These can give out a hydrated and cooling effect on top of the skin, and are often made with mint, lime, lemon, and other natural ingredients.


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