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UV protection through skin care

UV protection through skin care


While the appearance of the skin is important, making sure that it’s safe from the harmful UV rays and other kinds of sun damage is crucial as well. In order to help you figure out the best way to protect your skin from the negative impact of the sun, here are some ways that the Derma Roller System recommends for skin protection, this summer: 


The common misconception about sunblock is that you only need to use it when its really sunny outside. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. No matter how cold or hot it is outside or even when the sun is barely shining, sunblock is something that is imperative if you want long-term skin protection. Not only will it prevent your skin from getting irritated, using sunblock religiously will prevent wrinkles, uneven skin tone and even skin diseases. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a really important ingredient for summer skin care. Not only do its antioxidant properties make your skin clearer and more radiant, vitamin C also repairs your skin from sun damage and reverts it to its natural state.

Vitamin E

If you’re someone who loves being in the sun or even if you simply have to be out, vitamin E can be crucial in preventing dark spots and keep your skin tone and texture clear and even. Using a serum with vitamin E can make your skin more radiant and give it a subtle glow.

Argan Oil

While using an oil sounds like the worst thing you could possibly do during the summer, argan oil is actually one of the best things for skin care during the summer. Whether you need a long-lasting moisturizer or you need something to calm your skin down, argan oil can do both and then some! The DermaC+ Anti-aging Serum also comes with a lot of argan oil with antioxidants and vitamin C so you can have the best skin care package in one product.


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