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5 Things You Need To Know About Sunburn And Skin Damage

We often ignore little sunburns and don't make big deals out of them. However, your skin undergoes and sees some damage once it is exposed to the radiation of the sun. If you want to stay as healthy and damage-free, it is important to understand which effects a simple sunburn have.

Skin Discoloration

Every girl loves to tan, but excessive tanning can give you unwanted lines, dark spots, as well as freckles. Once the tan fades you will be left with discoloration and uneven patches on your face. Luckily, these can be reduced with a lightening cream.


Did you know that UV radiation can deteriorate collagen? This is a tissue which is in charge of giving your skin elasticity. Once collagen fades you will be left with fine lines, wrinkles, as well as saggy skin. In order to avoid this, you should go for ingredients such as:

Vitamin C since it restores your collagen production

Coenzyme Q12 replenishes nutrients which you've lost

Hyaluronic acid is ideal for hydration and it prevents aging


Eczema is often caused by sun damage which causes patches of red skin to flare up and become itchy. This condition can be irritating, and it can give you dry skin. You can cover it up and help your eczema by going for a B5 treatment. This one is great since it can help with:

- Moisture and hydration

- It will reduce the discoloration

- Helps with itching and soothing

- Protects your skin from inflammation


You can end up with blisters all over your skin, which can be bad and they may give you an infection. These blisters tend to leave a nasty scar on top of the skin which can take forever to heal. In case this happens know that squalane oil can reduce the damage.


There are several different types of cancers which are caused by the sun and heavy exposure. If you spend way too much time under the sun you are prone to damage. This is even worse if you are not using any protection, sunscreen, hats, or eye-wear.


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