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5 Signs of Unhealthy Skin

The skin is considered to be the biggest organ in the body. Thus it is sensible to use it as an indicator of diagnosing the health situation of the entire body. While an issue with your skin may mean tweaking your skin regimen, it may as well indicate a more significant problem.

Itching: Continous itching in the same part can be a result of skin dryness. Nevertheless, if your body itches generally, it can be an indicator of asthma or allergies.

Breakouts: Almost every individual get the blemish occasionally, but if yours is persistent, especially around the jaw or chin area, you might need to watch out. Breakouts that worsen during stress or when your menstrual period approaches may be an indicator of a hormonal imbalance.

Hair Growth: A lot of women sprout the occasional hair on their faces as they grow old. Notwithstanding, if you find yourself doing this on your chest or chin, you may be battling with polycystic ovary syndrome. This is a potentially severe condition that causes infertility.

Dark Circles: Dark circles beneath the eyes are sometimes symptoms of fatigue. Nevertheless, if you sleep for a minimum of 8 hours daily, and you still have them, you may be deficient in the vitamin. You can use DermC+ Anti-aging Serum to fix it quickly.

Moles and Blemishes: Dark spots and moles on your skin are clear indicators of damage caused by the sun. While moles may look harmless, if any of them starts adjusting in shape, color, or size, it may be a precursor to skin cancer. Ensure you get it checked by an experienced skin specialist as early as you can.

In case your skin is going through changes, and you have no health concerns, try and find the best and right skin care treatment for you.


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