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Why Exfoliation Is Key

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Exfoliation is one of the most common and widely known skincare techniques that has been around for a very long time. Whether you use a homemade scrub or a store bought one, exfoliation is the key. Similar to the rest of the body, the face keeps collecting dead skin that not only impact the appearance of the skin, they also clog the pores, cause acne and blackheads and even prevent your skin from soaking in the moisturizer. Here are some reasons why exfoliation is key:

Smoother skin

Accumulated dead skin ruin the texture of the skin and even cause bumps. Exfoliation removes dead skin and brings out new softer skin cells onto the surface. 

Prevents Acne

One of the major causes of acne is clogged pores and blackheads. Both of these things are mainly caused by dead skin cells that clog the pores and make your skin breakout. Exfoliating regularly prevents acne and even helps with the acne you already have especially if the scrub contains ingredients like salicylic acid. 

Stops pores from growing

Whenever there is a build-up of dead skin on your face, your pores automatically tend to look enlarged and much bigger than they actually are especially when your skin collects its natural oils in the pores. Exfoliation helps make pores appear smaller and even reduces how open they are over time by lesser accumulation of dead skin in them. 

Better skin tone

Dead skin accumulated on the face tends to make your skin look dull, lifeless and not your actual complexion. Exfoliation brings out fresh, clean skin and removes the actual reason why your skin looks dull. This also helps with evening out skin tone. 

Products are more effective

We all know the importance of having a smooth canvas for basically everything. The same goes for the face, having a smooth clean face after exfoliation takes away the preventative layer of dead cells from over your pores and makes your skin care products more effective by allowing the skin to soak them up. 

Scars fade over time

The process of skin renewal is crucial particularly in avoiding acne scars or even wrinkles. In order to reduce scars, there needs to be high collagen production and regular exfoliation boosts it. Using products like the DermaC+ Anti-aging Serum adds an extra kick to your skin care with loads of vitamin C, E and hyaluronic acid and makes scar and wrinkle reduction much more effective.


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