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Why the Dermaroller Is the Best for You in 2019

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The dermaroller, also known as the microneedle roller, gives you an especially even result with the 200 needles lined up in 9 neat rows at its head; compared to similar products, this number is quite low, but because of this, your skin has a lower resistance. As a result, the needles effectively pierce the epidermis (your top skin layer) with just a light pressure.



With something that punctures your skin, you want the most hygienic, non-bacterial option there is, and this is why we use only the highest quality stainless steel for the dermaroller. Additionally, the needles can be made extra sharp and fine in order to pierce the skin with just a gentle touch – nearly pain-free!


The needles used in the Derma Roller System have been manufactured in Canada under the strictest scrutiny, so there’s no doubt that quality control is top-notch. As a result, they cause the least amount of irritation as they puncture the top layer of skin, removing old scales to be replace by healthy, glowing, new skin.


Since the needles are made with the best materials and under the highest quality, they need the very least amount of pressure to get the job done. The result of the gentle punctures is skin stimulated to regenerate skin cells and remove old skin scales. In addition, the less stress on the skin, the better, and less pressure means less stress.


The dermaroller was formed for to be easy to use. The handle rests comfortably in the hand and is extremely light, making it easy to control and treat your skin precisely to produce an even result and a radiant complexion.


A microneedle roller is a unique tool which offers several benefits. What are they? Listed below are some reviews of dermarollers.


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