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Is the Derma Roller System safe?

Yes, absolutely. The Derma Roller System is based on ancient acupuncture techniques developed thousands of years ago. The Derma Roller System is manufactured in accordance with ISO/CE standards. The surgical microneedles are gamma sterilized according to ISO 11137. The derma roller uses miro-needles made from non-allergenic medical grade steel so there is no possibility of an allergic reaction to the device. Beware of imitation derma rollers which are not made of surgical steel causing the needles to easily blunt or break. The Derma Roller System is made from the highest specification and can be reused intensively for a 3-4 month period.

The Derma Roller System can be used up to 5 days per week for needle lengths of 0.5mm and once every 3 to 4 weeks for needle lengths of 1.0mm and greater.