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PureDerm® Collagen Face Mask (15)

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Bring back your smooth skin with the PureDerm® Collagen face mask. Infused with Collagen to help tighten your skin and encourage skin rejuvenation.

May be used daily or weekly. Simply apply to clean, dry skin and allow key ingredients to soak into your face. Apply for at least 10 minutes and massage any remaining serum into the skin. May be used alone or following treatment with the Derma Roller System.

Pack of 15 sheets.


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Would buy again. Good price.

Made my face feel lovely and smooth, my sister and I sister had such a laugh doing these together as the masks look and feel kind of funny. But it was worth it.

Nice nice nice

This mask is nice. Its easy to use and comfortable to wear. It left my skin feeling fresh, clean and soft. Not oily like some masks.

Beautiful and Sticky Goodness

I am so thrilled to write about this mask. Although I do feel a little repulsed by it every time I use it ( I mean, it is REALLY sticky). Totally sticky. BUT it is absolutely a Godsend. No other product can do this for my face as this product has. The stickyness is what I know is what's working (I mean, it actually feels like snot, haha). Ok beofre you get grossed out, just put it past you. It's not that bad. And after you realize just how much it is helping out every blemish, scar, pockmark on your face, you just won't simply care about how it feels initially. You will actually welcome it. You will be THANKFUL. I know I absolutely LOVE it and have this product has my moisture giving arsenal.

I wish they translated the ingredients in English. It broke me out.

I wish they translated the ingredients in English. It broke me out.

Worth the small price!

Very awkward at first! The company is NOT stingy about how much product they give you, that's for sure! The mask more than covered my face and there was so much solution on the mask it dripped a little coming out of the foil packet! Although what the masks do are somewhat repetitive (all masks moisturize and/or nourish and/or brighten and/or firm), the formula they use to do it are all different. None mention acne but I assume that's part of the nourish/brighten type masks.