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Real people. Real results.

The Derma Roller System has changed thousands of lives by making skin healthier and smoother and it can change your life too. Here are a few before-and-after photos of real people with real stories. These photos have not been retouched just to show you how dramatic the difference can be after using the Derma Roller System.


before and after skin smoothening treatment derma roller system image

before and after eye bag treatment derma roller system image
before and after skin smoothening treatment 2 derma roller system image
before and after skin smoothening treatment 3 derma roller system image
before and after nose skin smoothening treatment derma roller system image
before and after acne scar treatment derma roller system image
before and after stretch mark treatment derma roller system image
before and after hair regrowth treatment for men derma roller system image
before and after hair regrowth treatment for women derma roller system image


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Love it!

Saved me a ton of money and its a great product. I have recommended it to all the females in my life.

So far so good! Very easy to use with the instruction guide included.

The derma roller is an essential and effective tool for reversing the signs of aging skin.. Been using my derma roller system with collagen cream for 3 months now and the before and after results are incredible.

Great value

I like this item a lot .. I can hardly see mi forehead lines anymore, though I bought it to see if it can help me with my nasolabial folds. Haven't seen any results there, hopefully with time I will start noticing some diference!

Great dermaroller

The derma roller itself is simply beautiful with gold sturdy handle, nicely crafted and lightweight. It's the best product I've ever used for scarring. I used it and then applied dermacell collagen cream. I don't know how well it works on the various kinds of scarring, but it's already made a noticeable difference for me. I love this skin needling roller

Derma Roller System®
Charlie Shepherd
In 3 weeks I am amazed.

Almost a year later. I have been using the derma roller system for almost a year now. I don't have time to use it daily. I have had times when I went several weeks without using it. At one point I had about 2 months when I didn't use it. I went back to using it as directed for a couple minutes a day and saw instant improvement. I now can use it on high with my other face products. In the beginning I was a bit tense using it but now I really enjoy it.

It helps!

This was my first time experience with derma roller and i have to say i love it. It seemed that it would be painful to use but it is not, feels like a small ant crawling over your skin for a first two seconds and thats it. It is as smooth as it can be and i find it very useful. Have already used it twice and the skin heals very quickly after. I love the product and the quality is amazing. Just make sure to sanitize your derma roller with a rubbing alcohol before and after using. Great product would recommend to my fellows.

Has made my skin almost flawless!

I've been seeing these dermarollers everywhere and I was so skeptical on how well it worked or if it would hurt. It took me a week to work up the courage to use it, but I'm so so glad I did! It doesn't really hurt, I kind of enjoy the feeling actually! And the serum isn't super thick or greasy. It's light but very hydrating! You apply the serum, use the roller as instructed, and then apply another coat of serum! I've used it a little over 3 weeks now and you can definitely tell a difference on my skin! It's a lot smoother and not as full as it use to be!

Derma Roller System®
Mafalda Palermo
Amazing results

I worked for many years in a dermatologist's office. During that time I observed and implemented numerous skin care regimens. The derma roller system has been one of my favorite additions to my skin care routine. I'm in my thirties, but I think my skin looks 18!

Amazing derma roller

The quality of this product is amazing and came packaged very nicely. The derma roller is great quality, far better than other ones I've ordered in the past. Amazing customer service and I would definitely buy again.

So far I like it, leaves my face a little red but ...

So far I like it, leaves my face a little red but I think it's suppose to in order to work, I do feel like my serums are sinking in more, I am hoping it's not just my imagination but seems my crows feet look diminished.

Highly recommended this derma roller to everyone

I use this roller (0.5mm) every other night after cleansing and before I apply the collagen cream. I can feel a difference on the days I use this, compared to the days I don't! It really helps the absorption of my skin care products to get deeper and therefore allows me to use less product! Overall, I highly recommend if you're considering a derma roller!

I am very pleased with this purchase

I generally like this product. It was packaged nice and comes in a plastic holder to put back in once you've used it and cleaned. It takes some getting used to at first with the needles rolling over your face, but overall I like it. I've used it a few times now and I almost feel like it's giving myself a small facial. Very easy to roll.

Really good packaging and quality

I was skeptical about ordering this, but had been doing my research on derma rollera for about 1 year prior to purchasing. At first I read to only use this once or twice a week, but then I read that it is add to use it more often due to the size (.5). So I have used it 4 times this week, and I keep getting better results everytime. I should have taken before pics to see just how much this has helped, but I honestly wasn't expecting fast, noticeable results........ boy was I wrong! I had very dark pigmentation on my face due to a bad reaction, and it's pretty much unnoticeable now (YES THAT FAST). I recently ordered a collagen serum, and rosehip seed oil (to replace my sweet almond oil) so I'm gonna start alternating between the products after derma rolling! I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

Very happy with the results from my derma roller system

I bought this a week ago and have used it 3 times. I haven't been pushing aggressively so there is no blood or scarring. It's a neat little tool that actually works. My skin feels great and my skin tone seems more even.

Getting use to it!

At first the sound and feeling was scarey, but i'm getting use to it. Me and my teenage daughter use it for our skin care needs. It isn'tas relaxing as I thouht it would be,but can tell a difference since we've started using it.

I have been using this product every day for almost 2 weeks now

I bought it to help brighter and fade acne scars that have been bothering me forever. As you'll see in my before and after after only 22 days of applying it before bed it's been a major help in reducing redness and scar sizeI bought this product based on the other positive reviews & from YouTube beauty vloggers recommending vitamin c serum to help with scars, I can't wait to see the results with continued use if this is how great it can work in just a few days!Will buy again!

i love how my skin feels after, a little prickly during but awesome afterwards...

i love how my skin feels after, a little prickly during but awesome afterwards...many comments from friends and family how nice my skin looks :)so happy

it makes a difference to my skin complexion

I'm thrilled at the results of this device. Granted, I'm only using it in the mornings, I've been at it for about three weeks and there are already significant changes in my skin at the "trouble" areas especially.

This is my favorite dermaroller I've ever used

I went to school for cosmetology...and can say this is my favorite dermaroller I've ever used.

Awesome product!!!

This item works wonders. I honestly didn't want to believe it before purchase, but when I used it 2 to 3 times, i saw massive differences in my skin. It really was healing my acne scars. You gotta use it every other day so that your skin has some time to heal. I used it 3 times in a span of 2 weeks, it already decreased my acne scars.

Three weeks and I love it

Been using this at least once a day on top of my usual skin regimen. It helps heal random pimples I get during my monthly cycle within a couple of days, my pores are noticeably smaller and skin is more supple.

I bought this to help with acne scars and it's really good

I know this might sound strange but after one use I'm already seeing results. My skin is glowing, and I don't notice my acne scars as much. It's a great product!

Great for skin rejuvenation

I was introduced to the Derma Roller System by a friend and after seeing the improvement in her skin, I purchased one for myself. I have only been using it for about 2 weeks now, and can already see a marked tightening of my facial skin.

Great derma roller

Fantastic product from derma roller system! This cream is not greasy at all and you don't need much when applying. I've been using this for a couple of weeks and love the look and feel of my skin. I apply the dermacell collagen cream in combination with the derma roller system. I believe using both products improves results.

Reduced my pore size and improved my complexion

Wish I would have bought this sooner. Great beauty tool. Will cause some redness on skin after use. Recommend to use an ice mask and hyaluronic acid to help the skin recover quickly, I woke up the next day and my skill was perfectly fine the redness went away and I was left with firmer skin and a brighter complexion. Really important though, the day before treatment do a deep skin clean and remove any impurities, doing this the day before will allow the skin to heal then using the dermaroller the next day will allow product to really absorb into the clean pores.