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The Derma Roller System has changed thousands of lives by making skin healthier and smoother and it can change your life too. Here are a few before-and-after photos of real people with real stories. These photos have not been retouched just to show you how dramatic the difference can be after using the Derma Roller System.


before and after skin smoothening treatment derma roller system image

before and after eye bag treatment derma roller system image
before and after skin smoothening treatment 2 derma roller system image
before and after skin smoothening treatment 3 derma roller system image
before and after nose skin smoothening treatment derma roller system image
before and after acne scar treatment derma roller system image
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before and after hair regrowth treatment for men derma roller system image
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I loved really good product

I loved really good product

Four Stars

Pretty thin but the bottle will last forever

amazing. I was surprised to see that it worked.

It is of the best purchases I could do (Es de las mejores compras ...

I was recommended this product from a girl at my beauty salon ...

I was recommended this product from a girl at my beauty salon and it does work well for my face (after about 2 weeks of using it every night with anti aging cream). It can take a little while to get used to the pinch of the needles but it's not too bad.

So Far So Good

So far I am pleased with my purchase. The product is packaged very well in a convenient case including a reservoir for cleaning each roller. It would however be nice if the reservoir were bigger so you could clean more than one roller head at a time. Its a bit too soon to really comment on the results, but so far I do see improvements in one scar and my pores do seem smaller. My main goal is improvement in overall skin tone, as well as scar reduction and pore size reduction...still waiting to see any changes in skin tone, fingers crossed!

Four Stars

the needles were sealed but the box was opened and not sealed as it should be

It does what it says it will. Works great.

It does what it says it will. Works great. Made well. Simple device Should last a long time. Was kind of spendy, but I really needed it. Despite warnings you can use it elsewhere. Just be gentle and patient.

Very nice product!

Very nice product!!!! Extremely satisfied with my purchase. Was searching for something like this since long and it fulfills my expectations fully!!! I would say it's really worth the price.

Great value for price

Very pleased with the product quality. I bought the .5 mm for weekly use with my Vitamin C skin serum and it seems to be giving good results so far. Needles are tiny, sharp and very straight, so the rolling process is mostly pain-free! If you're looking to deal with scars or other significant skin issues, the 1 mm is a better option. Roller head fits perfectly inside a plastic shot glass I picked up at the dollar store for easy disinfection before and after use - just filled the cup with rubbing alcohol, prop the roller inside the cup for 5-10 minutes, and you're ready to go! Storage case is a nice touch and helpful to keep the needles from being blunted or damaged. A much better value than ones I've seen elsewhere on the internet!

It really works

I have been using this product for one week now, twice a day for about 6 minutes per application, and I was pleasantly surprised. Someone commented on how fresh and bright my complex is and I'm 45. That prompted me to write this review. I have reserved a star because its a plug-in product and usually these electrical devices have a way of shorting out after a few uses. I am waiting to see how long it will last. Remember to prep your skin with the pre-treatment or any other moisturizer before use, so that the derma roller glides along your skin better.

The derma roller system works greatresults with my wrinkles and bags.

used it for a few weeks and already seeing great results with my wrinkles and bags. The customer service is also very good. I look forward to progressive results with the derma roller

Love it

I dont know if I just love it because I read everyone else's reviews and it got in my head that it's as miraculous as I think it is but I really do think it makes a difference in my skin. I have very dry skin after I had my daughter and I used every expensive thing I could find and nothing works as well as this. And I'm pretty sure it will last me a very very long time

Five Stars

Skin looks great after use. Moist and heavenly!

Very happy with product!

I purchased this back in December, and received it just days later. I use it regularly and I honestly have seen results already. Wrinkles that I have had seemingly forever have gotten way less noticable.... There customer service is amazing and I would not hesitate to give this product and this company a try!

Yep! This is a wonderful Gadget.

I did a fair amount of research on this product before buying it but a lot of things work great for other people and not me. My skepticism was unnecessary. This is one nice little gadget. Not only has it improved the texture of my skin, but my eyelids are less droopy, my jowls almost gone and my smile lines and brow creases are nearly gone. The bags under my eyes are noticeably improved.

One unexpected perk, it also heals acne lightening fast - I can see an immediate reduction in swelling. I get acne cysts occasionally and if I catch the bump fast, I can keep it from getting large and developing a head. That's pretty amazing to me and reason alone to own it.

I've been using it with Vitamin C serum. My skin doesn't handle moisturizers without breaking out so I am not adding a moisturizer.

I will join those who love it. Oh, I'm 55 and most people peg me for early 40's.

Dedication equals results.

If you're dedicated about using the system you will see results. The results happen slowly. You have to be patient. To sum it up, dedication to using the derma roller, and patience for results. I wanted to add more to my review. I've been using my Derma Roller System religiously now for about 3 months. I had on top of my cheekbones under both e nasty fatty deposits. For years I tried cold water, ice cubes, frozen wash clothes, applying to the fatty deposits. They're gone now. I found a video on you tube on how to make my lips fuller. My lips now are full and luscious. My neck is slowly getting defined. Jaw slowly defined. I use it twice a day, both times 45 minutes. I went on youtube to find proper exercises for the derma roller. It works. Progress won't happen overnight. My dark circles, gone. Today I ordered red light therapy to incorporate with using my derma roller. It's not a quick fix. It takes work.

Four Stars

A little painful but I think it's working.

Love this item, never thought I would use this as a man. Skin feels amazing!

Love this, worked wonders for my face. Never thought as a man that I'd use this. I feel the difference in my skin, my wife has mentioned so as well! Great product all together, sturdy, light, durable. Would purchase again as a gift!

Love it

Its amazing how it gave me instant results. I tried this on one side of my face and it did give me an instant lift. I applied vitamin C serum before using the product to give myself better results as well. The vibration on my face definitely was therapeutic. I say this is a great deal. I recommended this to my friends as well.


I purchased the micro needling roller in hopes to regain my youthful flawless skin. Don't forget to do this at night after clean your face with alcohol. I do this three times a week can I use a serum that regenerates and smooth my skin. I'm happy with this product the tool is sturdy, I like the cap that keeps it sterile (let dry for 30 min before placing the cap on.)

Still early... not sure. I've had ...

Still early...not sure. I've had it few weeks, no results yet.

Love this product

Love this product. I have been using the 1.0mm and love it. It does not hurt too much so I do not need numbing cream.

Five Stars

love these masks

It works for me (asian/tan) complexion

I been using it and it really does its job.. my face looks very moisturized in the morning.. I give this product 5 star base on my experience.. I bought this item on a discounted price and I have no regrets on buying it.. just stating my honest opinion.

Five Stars

So large and great price. Keeps my skin moist.

I Love it!

This is my second one. .I Love it!

Five Stars

Love it. Works great.

good for facial absorption

I am a beautician, if I want to apply some of the essence on the face, I will use microneedles, more likely to promote facial absorption

Good product.

Very good quality roller comes with storage case.

Five Stars

Arrived just as pictured.

If your considering surgery...try this first.

For me this seems to work, I had a droopy lid from the skin getting stretched after several eye surgeries I sustained after losing my vision in my right eye. I used it on my forehead and the affected brow bone, and it now looks more even to me.
It also appears to last, almost like excercise, I don't really understand why it works...but it doesn't appear to be a gimmick, I have noticed actual results, about a week later I used it on the other brow bone and it lifted too, so much that it made my blind eye appear droopy again by comparison now I only use it on the areas above the one eye:) and other parts of my face and neck.

Think it helps -- need more time

this product does a good job!

She Recommends!

I got this for my sister terday and she really enjoys it. She said she liked the feel of the soft micro needles and actually used less product to achieve the same results. This morning she said there was "noticeable improvement" in her complexion and that her skin felt "great". I guess she uses coconut oil and what not on her skin. In any case, it was a good buy. She recommends!

Great item.. but takes time

Well after reading numerous reviews and being mezmerized by the infomercials, I decided to buy the Derma Roller System. I mainly purchased it to help clear up my acne. I am 44 and have hormonal acne. Well after using it for a few weeks acne got slightly better, but my skin started to look better in general and the very fine lines around my e were practically gone. Here's the kicker..... I went to see my mom about a month after I started using the Derma Roller System. She actually accused me of getting derma fillers around my mouth and forehead. I do work for a plastic surgeon and have access to these treatments, but have never done the fillers (they don't last, and can look unatural so what's the point). I have been using a Vitamin C serum from Kiss My Face with the Derma Roller System, works just fine. Added some microdermabrasion (at home because they even charge the staff at the surgeon's office) and bingo, my acne is clearing and my skin is looking nicer than it has in a long time. I think the DermaRoller System is a really good product, it just takes time. It's hard to notice the changes in your skin because you look at yourself every day. It was nice to hear from someone else that they noticed a difference. I will continue to use the Derma Roller System.

Great customer service and satisfied.

It would be better to have more instruction on the box though

I love this product

I love this product! I love how it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth with a glow without a greasy look or feel.

using this product helps to tighten loose skin, especially ...

using this product helps to tighten loose skin , especially that turkey neck , i don't see it anymore, thank goodness

love it

I use the derma roller every day and it really does help with my acne issues. I let my mother use it and she ended up purchasing one for herself.

Arrived on time and exactly as advertised. Can't wait to see the results!

great product, I felt like I always look tired and in certain lighting I could see that my cheeks are losing volume. I used this product twice so far and I see a difference. Needles are straight and very short so I can use it under e as well.

The item arrived in two business days i was surprised ...

The item arrived in two business days i was surprised at this i would definitely order this product again it clearly helps with product absorption. I am waiti g to see if it helps with the number 11 wrinkles or not.

New to this, but now a fan.

I have tried every acne regimen out there but had never tried derma rolling so I thought I'd give this a shot! The needles are very small, barely visible and you can barely feel them. Definitely don't push too hard on your face but with the right pressure, this thing can do wonders! My face feels softer and more even than it has in years.

It's very comfortable. I like it very much

This product is very effective for facial massage. It's very comfortable. I like it very much.

I can see results after 2 weeks

As described , shipped in less than a week

Derma Roller System..encouraged.

I have been using this device for a year now. Yet, I was highly impressed from day one. When I looked at the reviews given by Dr Oz, that is what impressed me, also. Dr Oz gave this device a thumbs up. My skin glows. The springy elasticity of the skin is what I noticed, too using this product. The stimulation on the molecular level beneath the skin with the radio wave frequency moves nutrients and oxygen about for cellular feeding. Which in turn, plumps up cells, which creates filled in lines. I use olive oil smoothed over my skin as this adds a lipid or a fat on the surface of the skin, which the radio frequency pulsing presses into the deeper skin layer for lubricating. Therefore, the skin will not dry out. So, instead the skin gets a deep massage and moisturizing. This I have used safely on my face, throat, hands, fore arms, beneath my arms, chest, thighs and calves of my legs. I Am Highly Impressed ~

Five Stars

Brought life back to my skin

My previous derma roller was close to $30 and wasn't satisfied with the results

I got this product for my wife a couple of days ago and she absolutely loves it. Her previous derma roller was close to $30 and wasn't satisfied with the results. t only is this product cheaper but she tells me it's also working better. If you want your wife/girlfriend to be happy, this will definitely help your cause. Great Job!!

Great value for money

Loving it so far. Great value for money.

Good for combination skin

It feels like a lotion and works well for the price. Smell is also decent in a good way. I have combination skin and this worked well for me during the summer and fall in Las Vegas. During the winter, I would have to reapply it at least once more because of the dry weather. My brother (with dry skin) still had dry skin after using this in Los Angeles winters so it might not be the best for dry skin in dry weather.

Two Stars


Seems to be of great quality.

Quality product. Well packaged. Thank you!