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Real people. Real results.

The Derma Roller System has changed thousands of lives by making skin healthier and smoother and it can change your life too. Here are a few before-and-after photos of real people with real stories. These photos have not been retouched just to show you how dramatic the difference can be after using the Derma Roller System.


before and after skin smoothening treatment derma roller system image

before and after eye bag treatment derma roller system image
before and after skin smoothening treatment 2 derma roller system image
before and after skin smoothening treatment 3 derma roller system image
before and after nose skin smoothening treatment derma roller system image
before and after acne scar treatment derma roller system image
before and after stretch mark treatment derma roller system image
before and after hair regrowth treatment for men derma roller system image
before and after hair regrowth treatment for women derma roller system image


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Derma Roller System®
Pauline Lacharité
Love my new skin complexion

I was really scared to try derma rolling but reading others comments did put my mind at I followed the directions of bloggers and sterilized my face and the roller with alcohol, then put the vit c serum on my face......picked up the roller....then put down the up my courage ...then started very lightly on my forehead. Oh what a baby I'd been ! It didn't hurt one bit ! Really !
Ive done it now three times this week, and definitely feel like my serums and moisturizers are sinking in finally. My huge pores look a little smaller and even my mouth wrinkles are smoothing a little....I have 66 year old skin, with years of socal beach and pool time, so I don't expect immediate results from years of abuse, but to see some results in just one's awesome. Can't wait to see what months of using this will bring.

Great value and excellent product

No problems at all and for the price I would highly recommend it. Much cheaper than some of the other ones on the market and I've been using it for a few months and still as sharp as when I got it. I can hardly see mi forehead lines anymore, though I bought it to see if it can help me with my nasolabial folds. Hopefully with time I will start noticing some more differences!

This has helped to brighten my skin. I am 73 and my skin looks great!

This is my new favourite gadget!!! Saves me A LOT of money then having it don'e professionally. Allows the active ingredients of serums and creams penetrate deeper into the skin with such incredible results. Highly recommended!!!

Derma Roller System®
Orlene Bérard
Finally hopeful!

The item arrived and was in great shape. The stands for each roller really help with keeping organized and sanitary. Had helped me get rid of acne scars in 2 weeks!

Leaves your face with a fabulous glow

This is a nice product although there was a hair in the roller that was black and i am blonde with no black hair at all, i am a bit grossed out by it but i managed to get it out after about 20 minutes and i disinfected it so i'll see if it works now or notUpdate: I have noticed it working and i am greatly pleased with how the seller handled the situation, excellent service and i am very grateful.

Derma roller

The Derma Roller System is in excellent condition as the arrived and service. Thanks you very much. I recommend it to my friends.

I ordered this Complete set after a great experience with my derma roller.

Just as described! I've been using this with vitamin c serum and collagen cream after every treatment and I feel a difference already. I'm excited for the results after a few months.

Worked very well in evening out my skin tone

I've been wanting an amp roller for a while but didn't want to spend over a hundred dollars (rodan and fields). Turns out i found this and had to try it because of the reviews. And I gotta say its amazing!!! I didn't think it was working but I took pictures only 2 weeks ago and I definitely see results! I love it!!! Definitely recommend it!!

The dermaroller makes my skin look so fresh the next day

Love this product! It arrived promptly and is beautifully packaged. I have never dermarolled before, so this was my first time. The vitamin C serum that comes with it is great. My results after two weeks are amazing and my skin is glowing.

The dermaroller is built very sturdy, looks great, and in strong packaging

After doing a bunch of research on derma rolling, I ended up finding the derma roller system through an article I was reading in Elle magazine. I use the 0.5mm roller once a week on my face, followed up with the DermaCell Collagen Cream. So far I have had great results. My skin feels brighter with each use. I'd recommend this roller for it's great price and quality!

its a Very Nice Vitamin C Serum

Vey good serum as described by seller and commenter

I love this product

After looking at about a million of these rollers offered for sale, I decided to go for one that was reasonably priced because reviews for all rollers seemed to have the same concerns : squeaks, handle falls off, etc. I was pleased to see that this one glides smoothly and doesn't squeak at all. My handle hasn't fallen off yet and I don't expect it will.


I loved this product. Very professional and effective. It was really clean and beautifully packed, and the products in the roller was well sealed. after first use I felt a day after my skin is fresher! I like this product and recommend it for home skincare!

Derma Roller System®
Claudia Trevisano
Decent quality

Been doing wonders to my skin. I use this with Vitamin C serum and moisturizer between bi-weekly treatments with the 1mm roller. Acne scars and baggy eyes are already disappearing and the rest of my skin looks great. Will continue to purchase these ones.

I am very pleased with this purchase

I generally like this product. It was packaged nice and comes in a plastic holder to put back in once you've used it and cleaned. It takes some getting used to at first with the needles rolling over your face, but overall I like it. I've used it a few times now and I almost feel like it's giving myself a small facial. Very easy to roll.

Highly recommended!

I bought this tool a month ago after reading about derma rollers. The small needles definitely made a difference in the absorption of the vitamin C and peptide serum that I used. I love that I can use this tool at home rather than paying salon prices. The online instruction manual was very convenient, saving me the time it would have taken to do the research. I'm happy with the results and looking forward to future results with continued use.

Great quality and fast shipping.

I wish I would have known years ago about the Micro needling. I like what it does for my skin.

So far good.

Arrived really quickly in well-sealed, sterile packaging. I haven't tried it yet as I still want to research about the method more, but I'm hoping I will have good results with some of my pores and fine lines and sagging around my eyes. Thanks!

My wife likes it so far

I knew my wife had used vitamin C products for her skin before and i also knew she was out. I was pleased to find a product made in North America. My wife just started using it so the long term use is not yet know, but she has commented that she likes the smell.

Derma roller system natural is a great product for my skin and fast shipping

Lots of needles and it feels durable and easy to roll and use. Lightweight and easy to roll! Nice plastic case to store the derma rollers. Good value and I would recommend!

What an excellent product

I see a huge difference on my skin. The dermarollers themselves are amazing, easy to change and very durable.

The complete derma roller system is beautiful quality and works amazing!

The product is easy to use and has worked well so far. With 2 weeks of use 2-3 times a week I find that my acne scarring is fading faster than it normally would and my skin is absorbing my moisturizers more efficiently, leaving my skin feeling extra hydrated and healthy.

Derma Roller System®
Margaret Pritchard
So glad I purchased this dermaroller

After doing a lot of research on derma rollers I settled on these since it came with a .5mm and a 1mm roller, which should cover all things I need it for. They are made of good quality materials, and each come in a protective/display case for storage. I'm really happy with the product and have noticed a big difference in my skin. It has began to even my skin tone and also reduce the appearance of my pronounced forehead creases. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase.

I love this product so far

Only used once so far. Seemed to have made my skin look better the next folloqing weeks. I want to see what happens after a year!

Lovely skin care product

The first two days I used this derma roller, my husband could see a different in my smoother, more even complexion. I have used this device a total of 10 times so far and see a considerable difference on a scar on my hand that has dramatically faded. I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.