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Real people. Real results.

The Derma Roller System has changed thousands of lives by making skin healthier and smoother and it can change your life too. Here are a few before-and-after photos of real people with real stories. These photos have not been retouched just to show you how dramatic the difference can be after using the Derma Roller System.


before and after skin smoothening treatment derma roller system image

before and after eye bag treatment derma roller system image
before and after skin smoothening treatment 2 derma roller system image
before and after skin smoothening treatment 3 derma roller system image
before and after nose skin smoothening treatment derma roller system image
before and after acne scar treatment derma roller system image
before and after stretch mark treatment derma roller system image
before and after hair regrowth treatment for men derma roller system image
before and after hair regrowth treatment for women derma roller system image


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Love my new Derma Roller

I have had amazing results with my derma roller so far. My skin is smoother and has a glow to it.

I really enjoy the compact case all the rollers come in

The disinfecting compartment is also nice and deep to make sure all the needles are in disinfectant. So far, I have only had the chance to use the 2.0mm roller on my body scars and the process went good. The e-manual I got with my purchase was easy to follow and answered a lot of my questions. I look forward to using my other rollers on my face for my acne scars.

I love this product I have only used it 3 times

This serum and cream makes my skin feel good, it doesn't irritate or make me break out. This is my second order. I recommend getting the complete set because it will save you a lot of money compared to buying every item individually.

Will recommend this derma roller to others!

Wish I knew about this decades ago. I've used it 4 times already - carefully - and it is healing and clearing up decades old teenage acne scars. For a few days after using it, it looks like I had a facial. Combined with the DermaCell Collagen Cream - it really helps a lot. Because my complexion is looking better, I am taking better care of skin and able to do treatments less frequently. The derma roller system is well made and sturdy, easy to use and has good ergonomics. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Not really sure how I feel about these rollers.

Not really sure how I feel about these rollers. They seem well built and don't hurt when using. I bought them mostly to encourage hair growth as I have thin hair and did a little more damage recently with coloring, but the few times I've used it, it almost feels like its damaging more than helping. After a few months it doesn't encourage me enough to incorporate into my beauty regime long enough to see results from. I'll give it one more try but I don't feel hopeful.

I think I'm seeing results in just 6 weeks!

It came in a well packaged box with the masks, cream, serum and derma roller. First, to sterilize the needles, i just use a simple first-aid kit-esque spray pump of 70% percent alcohol. give all the needles a good soaking, allow it to cleanse and it's been perfect for me so far. The needles are not too harsh for my skin and have been helping keeping my forehead smooth. i use this in conjunction with a hyalauronic acid + vitamin C serum or the collagen cream and my skin is so soft and smooth. it has even helped reduce the appearance of scars. good product!

Love love love love love

Honestly shocked at how amazing this product is, I stuffer from really bad acne scars and I wish I wouldve taken a before picture because just after one use I could see the results. Would strongly recommend!!!!

Derma Roller System®
Methena Sylvain
Derma rolling is really effective

I recently purchased this Derma roller. It came on time. It has its own case which is very helpful. I have never used a Derma roller before and this was my first time and was great.

I just received the derma roller system

I just received the derma roller system derma roller and it arrived quickly and in a nice package. It appears to be good quality, no bent needles and rolls evenly without any problems. The package comes with basic instructions regarding usage and cleaning. I am pleased they included this, as this is my first experience with a derma roller and I want to make sure I use it safely and properly.I am looking forward to using it later today and I hope to see great improvements in my skin.

Beautiful packing. Quickly delivered

All as in the reviews. Very comfortable and pleasant to smell! I recommend it as a painless and quick solution from getting rid of wrinkles. I perfectly clean the skin!!


Works pretty good so far noticed some scaring starting to fade, not sure if i am using correctly. But I believe it works.

Very good starter set for those new to dermarolling

I am very pleased with this set. It has everything you need especially if you're new to rolling. I use the 0.5 mm every night before bed. The cream and serum absorbs well. My skin is firmer and healthier and I believe that is a direct result from this good quality dermaroller.

Love this product!!

I purchased this after reading the reviews and figured for the price I really couldn't go wrong. The delivery was fast ( even though it was a day after the delivery date). It came sealed (a plus because I will not use any products that doesn't come sealed). Here is my routine that I found to work best.. 1st I use a Vitamin C face cleaner ( added with some microdermabrasion crystals). Then a rosewater toner. My Vitamin C serum. Then I apply a small about of this. I repeat the process at night as well. I do find this to be a little watery compared to others but that actually works out better for me, because I have not had any break outs. So over all I believe that this is a great product.. I noticed it does help alot with all dry spots, where Clinique left some dry spots. I will be ordering more when this container is close to empty. It also has helped my teenage son with dry spots left behind after using acne treatment that can leave his face super dry. He applied a little at night and has smooth skin all day.

Works great. No taste.

I am 58 years old , and have been looking for so long for something that actually works .. This cream does ! The pores on my face have virtually disappeared ! I don't wear makeup , and always hated my large pores . Now I look almost as if I have makeup on ! LOVE THIS !

Derma Roller System®
Fusberta Bernier
Must have product for skincare!

I've been using this for years. It has definitely reduced my facial scars. I had a lot of dark acne scars and it really cleared my face up. This particular product is good quality and durable. My only tip would be to moisturizer frequently as your face does get dry as it is being renewed. Be patient, obviously it takes a while to work. You can see some reduction probably a week after using it but not complete reduction. I don't have wrinkles and never did so I'm not sure how it works in that respect. It is somewhat painful but it's worth it. I've used numbing cream a couple times with it and it seemed to really help. There's also different sizes. If Your pain tolerance is low I would just do it with less pressure but more often or get a smaller size. OverAll this product is great and I would recommend.

Easy to Use, Great Product!

I love this product. I do notice a difference the next day if I used it the night before. It does take some getting used to especially with the 1.0mm but definitely worth the purchase along with some pure vitamin C serum.

I received my derma roller extremely fast and got to use it right away.

After doing countless amount of research I saw that this was a really good deal for what you are getting. So far I've used the derma roller on my face and loved the result. I washed my face and applied a moisturizer, like usual, then used my derma roller (like it is explained in the book) and then proceeded to apply a vitamin C serum. I have terrible acne prone skin with scarring but literally after one use I was so excited with the results. The derma roller seemed to make my face look smoother and my makeup applied on really well the next day. I'm excited to see the improvements it will make, so far so good!!! I have yet to try the bigger head on my stretchmarks, but I'm exited for it. I haven't used the face roller very much since it states in the instruction manual that using it too often may be detrimental to the skin. Overall I'm happy with the product!

It is a really useful tool!

Great beauty tool. I love derma roller,it's helpful.I have really bad acne scars,so I'm hoping this will do the trick.After using a period of time,I found a noticeable change,believe me.So far,it makes my skin feel smoother.I've slightly slightly noticed scars fading.I'm still hopeful I might see something.

So far so good!

I don't know if it works or not, since I have only used it once. The plastic storage case was broken, when received. Almost not noticeable when using....similar to spa treatment that I had for $$$.I am looking forward to using it more!

This dermaroller is excellent!

This dermaroller is excellent! Some dermaroller are made with cylinders opposed to real needles. This dermaroller is made with medical grade needles! It is the real deal! Super sharp! Will purchase again!

I think I'll order it again, I love it

This skin roller works well. It is a prefect needle size to use at home(0.5 mm),it is not hurt to use it, not painful. I use it about 3 times a week, I feel that my skin is softer. I can say that it my skin start to get clearer and the scars are almost vanished!!I will keep using it and see if it will do better things for me!

I purchased the derma roller and after a week I noticed my skin looked more clear and youthful.

I purchased the derma roller and after a week I noticed my skin looked more clear and youthful. Very happy with the results and the price is very reasonable. Well worth it! Sue St. Petersburg, Fla

This is a great dermaroller, especially for the price.

The compact size means it is easy to store or take while traveling. The case is a nice bonus. I've used this with good results so far. When the time comes, I will definitely repurchase.

Immediately my skin looked and felt firmer.

Didnt hurt at all but do feel some itchiness on neck and chest. Skin felt a little dry right away, could be the tightening effects. Cant wait to see if results last and continue to get better with consistent use. Next time i plan on using my rx retin a afterwards.

Seeing huge results in less than a month.

This is my first time using a dermal roller, I'm impressed! This product was gentle yet through with helping my other topical skin products penetrate my skin. With the first use I noticed an improvement in my skins appearance and I loved having a clean place to store it while not in use. Great product for the price and I'll definitely be keeping one handy for a while.